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Sheringham Community Paper Dougal's Pet Corner

The place for your pet stories and pictures, let me have them
Sheringham Community Paper Redwings has rescued ponies and foals in pitiful condition from impulsive owners who have put their child’s wish for a pony before the welfare of the animal,
only to find that they have neither the time nor the money to give the animal the attention it needs. Ponies are often treated like bicycles, ridden around the block and returned to the shed until the child wants to play again.

Redwings is concerned about the way many horses and ponies are used, then sold on and on – until all too often they reach the end of the line. Shetland ponies seem to be one such animal that suffers as a result of rash decisions because they are mistakenly thought to be the ideal child’s pony. People often laugh at Thelwell cartoons with small children being bounced uncontrollably upon ponies far too strong for them to handle. In reality, Thelwell has studied his subject well and his drawings are very true to life. Anyone who would like their child to own a pony but does not have suitable accommodation for it or a sound equine knowledge, should find a licensed riding school where the pony will receive feeding and care, with the child receiving safe instruction under controlled conditions. This should lead to a better relationship between pony and rider. The pony Club is a highly recommended organisation which gives children the chance to become better educated in horse management and riding skills, and is an invaluable way of meeting new friends. Parents who are considering buying their children a pony should remember that the costs are similar to buying a second family car.

The most important thing to consider is the time and attention a pony will need. Stables have to be mucked out daily, droppings have to be removed from paddocks, fencing has to be maintained and you must check grazing regularly for Ragwort and other poisonous plants. Ponies have to be fed at a regular time everyday, they need grooming and exercise and most importantly all these things have to be done 365 days a year.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Hapton, Norwich, NR15 1SP
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Sheringham Community Paper Most people are now aware that we offer help with the cost of neutering. However, you may not know that we give assistance to ‘feral colonies’. These very often arise because un-neutered cats stray or are abandoned by their owners when they become pregnant.
Two little cats living at the bottom of the garden or even on a farm, can soon become a pregnant twenty-two, and then you have a problem!

Last year we helped with four colonies, one in someone’s garden, one on a farm, one at a holiday camp and one on a caravan site. In each instance we contacted our Head Office for help with the cost of neutering and cat traps and special baskets to catch and transport the cats to the vets. Kittens old enough to leave their mother, plus some older kittens and young cats were taken into care, socialised and put up for adoption. The cats, which were returned to their original site, were wormed and de-flea’d before release and are all being fed and cared for the people who originally contacted us. We are now giving assistance to a further colony at Cromer, which contains 27 cats. Assuming several are female, consider how many cats there could be if nothing was done. Diseases and interbreeding could also occur in a very short time if no action was taken.
Barney and Kitty (who is now a Sheringham cat), two of our ‘golden oldies’ were among the 12 cats re-homed since our last article. Timmy a lovely tabby/white lad has now joined Tucker. Timmy is not in the best of condition at present and has already had two teeth removed. Although we were given to understand that he was 8-10 years old, we believe he could be older.

Also awaiting homes are;
Spider, a sleek black girl with lovely green eyes, age about 2 years. Spider came to us with her two kittens, having been abandoned by her owners. Her kittens both found new homes and she is now available.

Marmite, this lovely boy is also black and also about two years old. However he is longhaired with a beautiful bushy tail. Marmite loves to play and will make someone a lovely companion.  If you are looking for a cat, call Stephanie on 01692 535858. Alternatively you can visit (please note our new web address) for a description of the cats before giving her a call. At present we have no kittens.
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Sheringham Community Paper
The North Norfolk Minni House Club.
The Club held its Annual General Meeting with 30 members present. In her report the Chairman spoke of a busy and successful year which had included the exhibition staged in July 2003 which had raised 500 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. After the very short business meeting members got down to making miniature jewellery under the guidance of Joy Kerridge. They also saw two samples of shops in box-files, which is the 2004 project. More ideas will come to light next month. The club meets on the second Thursday each month, at 2pm in the Cromer Methodist Church Hall and although almost at capacity for members visitors are always welcome.
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