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I, John Ashton of 22a Common Lane, Sheringham, hereby give notice that I have applied to the North Norfolk District Council, Holt Road, Cromer, for an occasional entertainment licence in respect of the Sheringham Carnival events in Sheringham and surrounding villages from Saturday 31st July to Sunday 8th August 2004. Any person wishing to object to the application must do so in writing within one week from the date of this notice, stating the reason for the objection and forwarding it to the Licensing Co-ordinator at the above mentioned address. 3rd April 2004
16 April - 7.30pm
Sheringham Social Club
Sheringham Community Paper
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Calling all Past Carnival Queens

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Is Sheringham Ready for the Easter Rush?
Sadly, the answer to that is a resounding NO!

Find out for yourself and take a walk up to the boating lake to while away a few hours watching the model boats in all their glory. I don't think so, as it was still empty on 3rd April! Take a walk along the promenade in the evening, What? No lights! Well, you can always go during the day, but be careful. An inconsiderate dog owner let off their two large dogs recently and knocked a local lady flying. So if you want to see a bit of colour, go visit her, she's black and blue.

Want a few minutes peace and quiet? Take a seat at the War Memorial, oh, better not as most of them have already been taken! Never mind, you can always browse around the local shops, but be very careful, the broken paving on Church Street has still not been fixed, nor Station Road, the High Street.......

If you get fed up though you can always play dot-to-dot with the trodden in chewing gum discarded down Co-operative Street.

This from a town that recently came 7th in the list of top market towns, I'd hate to go to one further down the list, wouldn't you? Maybe, if those people who have spent the last ten years fighting Tesco coming to town had put just a fraction of that time into ensuring that existing facilities were kept in good repair, then we might have been ready for the Easter influx.  So come on Sheringham Town Councillors, we pay extortionate taxes and get very little return. Why don't you get our repairs done, our streets cleaned, extra dog poo bins (in town as well as the Prom) and a little bit of water in the boating lake?

The townsfolk of Sheringham are what provide the 'vibrancy' we so often hear mentioned, but in places the town is an absolute disgrace. We deserve better.

Name and address withheld
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