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BAND REVIEW - Tim Jefferson
Barry Homan.

A friend persuaded me to go to this gig. Homan is meant to be good - he isn't - he is absolutely amazing. Right from the start the guitar playing was stunning and it stayed that way. Backed ably by very good bass player Nick Mallet and on drums David ‘Nobby’ Sparrow.

We were treated to: Steve Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top and Dire Straits. Not only was the soloing faithful to the originals but he found time to pad out on top (extra notes which add dimension). To see someone play this well was not only rare but a great honour. He is one of the finest guitarists I've ever seen and I mean it.
Sheringham Community Paper
The crowd loved it and was spellbound. Eventually they danced but like a lot of bands I think this could have been achieved earlier. Doing this would be good for everybody. He does a lot of gigs, check out his web site for details, you won't be disappointed. or phone 01692 409807.

Fallen Ikarus.

I'm beginning to understand this cover number band business. Believe it or not I went straight into a band doing it's own stuff. For the rest of my career, apart from when I went solo, I did nothing but covers but with different arrangements (different accompaniments). This was Dance Bands. What seems to be the case, is that you take other peoples' songs that you feel the audience would love and then stamp your own style on top. This is okay if each song sounds different; something all cover bands needs to bear in mind, otherwise the dynamics are lost (highs and lows of artistic input).

Now for the band, they're good, very good. Terrific drumming, lively vocals, amazing guitar, clean bass and the place went crazy. My feet must have been stood on fifty times but it was worth it to witness the atmosphere, I rang a friend during the break but I couldn't hear her. The crowd went insane.

For me there was a loss of dynamics due to what I said earlier. At the end of the day the audience decides and they decided all right. They are planning to move into their own stuff within the next five years and have a CD planned. I think this is a wise move, they are creative and can sometimes collide head-on with the original creativity but they have a winning formula. I enjoyed them immensely, I wish them all the best of luck but I think they'll make their own. Well done.

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Daniel, my son, is exactly one fifth of my age. In 21 years time, I will be exactly twice his age. My wife is exactly seven times older than my daughter, Jessica. In 8 years time, my wife will be three times older then Jessica. How old are Daniel and Jessica now?
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Sheringham Community Paper St George Patron Saint of England

23 April

What's the matter with the English? The rest of the United Kingdom celebrate their Saint's days,the Irish and half of the rest of the world wear green and drink gallons of Guinness on St Patrick's day, the Scottish rate St Andrew second only to Hogmanay and the Welsh wave their daffodils and leeks and sing their hearts out in praise of St David.  On April 23rd, St Georges day, where are the flags bearing the proud red cross. Where is the bunting and the street parties and the public holiday?  Well, recent research undertaken throughout England found that a staggering 83% did not know the date of St George’s Day, with only 17% correctly identifying 23 April. This compared with 29% being able to correctly identify the date of St Patrick’s Day! When asked the original question of who the Patron Saint of England is, over a quarter of respondents didn’t even know the answer or identified another Saint. So there's your answer! 

St George was chosen by Baden-Powell, its founder, to be patron of the Scouting Movement, and on St George's Day, scouts are bidden to remember their Promise and the Scout Law.   In 1940, when the civilian population of Britain was subjected to mass bombing by the Luftwaffe, King George V1 instituted the George Cross for 'acts of the greatest heroism or of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger'. The award, second only to the Victoria Cross, is usually given to civilians and can be given posthumously. The award consists of a silver cross. On one side is depicted St George slaying the dragon, with the inscription,'For Gallantry'; on the other appear the name of the holder and the date of the award.

I for one will be flying my flag on the day, We celebrate St George's Day every year. So how about a few more of you flying our National Flag, we live in a great country, be proud of it.
Sheringham Community Paper
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