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Sheringham Community Paper
To a Street Lamp

Stately street lamp three eight one,
These summers days you are always on.
Your yellow flare of piercing light,
Not only brights the twilight night.
But the glare of summer’s noon,
Pales you less than mornings moon.

I surmise why you are always on,
Methinks your photocell has gone.
And as you no longer have electronic sight,
Behests paradox of blindness with eternal light.

And into council offices far out of reach,
Your errant glow will never seep,
Only in politicians entopian dream,
Would all seeing efficiency this wastage glean.

But perhaps on some far off day,
Maybe even years away.
A passer by parsimonius, of technical skill,
Will do the obvious, your daylight kill.
Paul Revett, Former resident of Grice Close, first estate off Holway Road.
Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper KIDZ CORNER

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There are many standard credit cards in modern use today, for example ACCESS, VISA, and AMEX. I counted at least 17 different ones advertised in a one hour period.
Kevin Stone: []

Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Community Paper

When asked how can a stranger tell if two people are married to each other, the reply came back - You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids.
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