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Sheringham Community Paper

Birthday Wishes to Stretch
25th May
The marathon
It has restored my confidence in all the good people who want to help other people.

Thank you all who took part in it.
'Poppy Brown'
Sheringham Regeneration

Although in its infancy the regeneration process for Sheringham has now started with the forming of what have been described as the Focus Groups. These five groups, Environment and Infrastructure, Economy, Learning and Skills, Community and Communications cover the broad topic areas which people have said they would like to address in the Regeneration Process for Sheringham.  We are eager to include as wide a section of the community as possible and we are actively looking for people to join in the process. Those who have become involved have done so in their own time their reward being the opportunity to have their say and to participate in the debate about possible futures for Sheringham.  If you would like to become involved or just make a comment please contact any of the free papers, or contact anyone on the list at the end of this article. This is your chance to put your ideas or contribute to the overall debate and make an impact on the way we live and the way we develop our town for the future. This process to be successful has to be promoted and managed by the community and everybody’s view is not only welcome but needed to make the process meaningful.

If you know someone who either you or they believe can contribute to the debate please encourage them to make contact and put their views, and not wait until its too late for them to influence the process. You can make a difference and you really can have an impact on the process.  Various mediums are being set up to keep you the ‘Public’ informed, but please be patient as it does take time to make them operational. These are: -
1. Any of the ‘free papers’ and the North Norfolk News
2. A website with an email address,
3. The notice boards on Otterndorf Green, the Council Offices, Morris Street Car Park, the Sheringham Schools, Sheringham Post Offices and the Library – all subject to permission.
4. Hard copies of all of the minutes of the focus groups will be kept by Sheringham Town Council and in the Library - subject to permission.
5. Suggestion boxes on the Web Site or by mail to: Sheringham Plus, C/O Norfolka2z, 14 Waterbank House, Station Approach, Sheringham NR26 8RA. Also at the Schools and the Library - all subject to permission.
Please look out for notice about what is happening, Sheringham is your town, and we want to hear your voice. This is not a situation where the ‘council’ or any one else is making the decisions; this is about you the people of Sheringham taking ownership of the process and making your choice, with your voice.

Contact list

Focus Groups Contact name email address & Telephone
Learning and Skills
Environment & Infrastructure
Steering Group

Mike Crowe
Sue Pointer
Tim Touse
Barry Starling
Kate Bevis
Paul Richmond
Brian Farrow
01263 825 635
01263 823 613
01263 823 336 01603 502061
01263 824311
Tel 01263 822891
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