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Sheringham Community Paper Dougal's Pet Corner

The place for your pet stories and pictures, let me have them
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Junior, a four-year-old large white pig, was originally saved from slaughter by a caring individual who gave him a wonderful and secure life. However, when Junior’s owner sadly became ill, she became concerned that she would not be able to give Junior the care and attention he deserved. He was welcomed at The Hillside Sanctuary and has proved to be quite a character! As soon as he hears a human voice, he runs over to greet you and waits for his head to be stroked. Little grunts of pleasure then follow as just the right spot is reached.

If any of these characteristics sound familiar, it is because pigs respond very much in the same way as dogs. Pigs are extremely intelligent animals and can be house trained. Unfortunately, many people realising this, on a whim have bought young pigs, not appreciating that they will, like Junior, reach up to some twenty stone in weight. Many outgrow their original housing and allocated space because the full extent of their needs and welfare has not been taken into account. Pigs designated for the slaughterhouse never reach their full size and weight, so few of us actually ever see a fully-grown pig.
Sheringham Community Paper Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Hill Top Farm, Hall Lane, Frettenham. 0870 991 4530. Open every Sunday 1-5pm until the end of October, all Bank Holiday Mondays and Mondays throughout July and August.
Sheringham Community Paper Seventeen of the cats in the colony at Cromer have now been caught, neutered and returned to the site. They have been treated for fleas and worms and their ears have been “tipped”.
This is standard practice with feral colonies to identify those that have already been treated.  Jackie, one of our fosterers, has been helping with trapping and taking them to the vets. Knowing there was a litter of very young kittens hidden deep in a bramble hedge she persuaded her husband Phil to help. Having struggled through this thorny thicket he emerged triumphant with four tiny black kittens and lots of scratches. The kittens were taken home and Jackie started to bottle feed them. Fortunately, however, mum was captured two days later and reunited with them. Two further kittens, both tabby and only 10 days old have also come into care, and mum is feeding them too. As the mother (now called Cher) is one of “last years kittens” we are hoping that she will be suitable for re-homing. With Jackie’s assistance we are hoping the rest of the colony will be captured in the next few weeks.

Marmite, mentioned in the last issue was one of the cats re-homed by us since the last issue. Because Timmy, also mentioned in the last issue was micro chipped we were able to establish that he was in fact 14 years old. He too has left us for a new home with a very nice family who were looking for a “golden oldie” to spend his last few years with them. Spider also mentioned, is still waiting for a suitable home without other cats.

Also waiting for new homes are:
Tim a very handsome ginger boy who is only 10 years old has joined us because his owner has gone into a residential home. This lovely cat is very gentle and friendly and would dearly love to have a lap to sit on.
Tom, is Tim’s brother. He is also very handsome (you can only tell them apart when they are together). These lovely boys have no hidden vices and although we would dearly love to find them a home together, they can be separated.

If you are looking for a cat, call Stephanie on 01692 535858. Alternatively you can visit
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