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Workshop on Understanding Christian Healing
An opportunity to see and hear a remarkable Iranian-born lady speak on universal ideas of spirituality and healing is coming to the new Youth Club at Holt on Friday 21st May at 7.30pm. “My story all started when I was taken critically ill and rushed into hospital. I was on my fourth blood transfusion when my children were brought in to visit. I knew then that I would do whatever it took to recover. I wanted to be the one to look after them,” says Marta Greenwood of Weybridge.
Sheringham Community Paper Thus began Marta’s journey into spirituality and her search for an alternative method of healing. Eighteen months after major surgery to remove a life-threatening tumour, she was not yet fully recovered, her husband was unemployed and one of the children suffered acutely from asthma.
During her search for spiritual solutions, someone she met at a dinner party suggested she have a go at reading Mary Baker Eddy’s best selling book on universal prayer, spirituality and healing – Science and Health with key to the Scriptures. She found in this book that spirituality could be practical. It could heal. She discovered the impact of thought on life experiences. Shortly she was fully recovered; her husband found new employment and her daughter’s asthma was healed. This was a huge shift in thinking from her training and career in midwifery at Guy’s hospital in London. “Until now, I was not aware that there was any way people could be healed other than using a medical system.” Marta says. Today Marta is an accredited full-time practitioner of prayer-based healing in London, and a writer and touring speaker on spirituality and healing.
Scotter Photograph
Thank you to all who came in with the names of the people in this photograph (issue 34). The occasion was the presentation of the 20 year Long Service Medals for the Lifboatmen in the photo, held we believe at The Two Lifeboats.
Sheringham Community Paper
Back Row left to right: Jack West, Arnold Culley, Eddie Hedges (d), Donnie Little, Chris Ayres, Roy Little, Billy Thurtle, Ray Hill, Kenny Holloway

Front Row left to right: Eric Wink (d), Brian Pegg, Henry 'Joyful' West, Arthur Scotter (d), Bobby Wink, Bennett Middleton

Those of you who contacted us t the office asking for copies of the photograph, Mrs Scotter has kindly given us permission, so just pop in and we will print one off for you.
Currently open to a number of new members. Beachcombers is a social dining club based in North Norfolk, open to members of the Conservative Party. We meet at the Feathers Hotel, Holt on the First Monday of each month. Come and meet socially with like minded people (singles as well as couples) and enjoy a non-political evening with a three course meal and an appropriate speaker. For further details please contact Vivienne Bolton 01263 837701.
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