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Sheringham Community Paper
Motorcycle Safety Campaign

The aim of the initiative which falls under the banner of Operation Calendar - is to reduce the number of casualties on Norfolk's roads this summer. Agencies including Norfolk County Council, the University of East Anglia, RoadPeace, the Motorcycle Action Group and the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists were represented at the April 7th event at Wymondham headquarters.

Motorcyclists account for 25 percent of those killed or seriously injured on our roads, which is a startling statistic. In 2003 14 motorcyclists were killed on our roads and in the last three years 34 motorcyclists died, so clearly something needs to be done. Operation Calendar is about working together in partnership to make the county's roads safer for everyone by offering life saving advice to road users.

Operation Calendar was launched in January and is a 12-month long campaign during which officers will provide education, advice and where necessary enforcement to car drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians across Norfolk. Injury rates amongst motorcyclists go up at this time of year because riders bring their bikes out for the first time in several months.  Speaking at the launch Sarah Coles, RoadPeace Secretary for the East Anglian region, said: "We support any initiative that is going to help improve safety on our roads both locally and nationally.
"In our job we get to see the most horrific accidents and if this can help save even just one life then it has to be worth while."
Dear Editor.
Another Sunday morning in lovely Sheringham, taking my dogs for their usual walk and I would just like to say I am one of the responsible dog owners that clean up after my dogs. NO WAIT – my front gate has disappeared. GONE in the middle of the night. Was it a hard up person that could not afford a gate of their own and if this is the case I hope they can give it a good home. OR was it one of the local young loud yobs that drink themselves stupid at the weekend on cider and lager, I know, because they leave the evidence all along Holway Road, was it for a bet or was it just for a laugh. ‘’Stealing’’ a gate is not too big of a crime, BUT what if my dogs as they sometimes do bolt out onto the footpath and with no gate to stop them could so easily run out onto the road and, well I hate to imagine the consequences. PLEASE bring back my gate whoever you are. No one saw you take it, so no one will see you put it back.
Name Witheld.
Sheringham Community Paper
The Sheringham Shantymen will now be seen on the move in their very own mini-bus. As the result of a kind donation of a used vehicle, several members of the group will now be able to travel together around the area to reach the venues for their numerous concerts.

The white bus, now distinctive with its Shantymen badge displayed has been prepared for its task by several of the members. Some remedial work was required to make the vehicle roadworthy and this work was carried out, with no charge, but as a donation to the work of the Shantymen, by HENRIES of SHERINGHAM.

The Shantymen have already launched into their programme for the 2004 season. A variety of events are already underway from among almost forty bookings in the groups’ 2004 diary including trips to Southwold, Littleport and one that is a firm favourite with the group, The Lowestoft Fish Fayre. 

In September the Shantymen will represent British Shanty groups at the International Shanty & Sea Song Association festival in DRACHEN, HOLLAND. The group are featured regularly on radio programmes in the Netherlands and as a result the invitation to make this visit was accomplished.

With visits to the USA, Germany and Ireland already under their belts and repeat invitations to the USA and Ireland already in, this popular group have much to keep them occupied for some time to come.
Dennis Hotson, Secretary
UMGENI, CLEY (on coast road; follow signs)
SATURDAY 22ND MAY 2004 10.00 am– 3.00 pm
Entrance Fee: 2.00
Tea Tent, Coastal views by telescope
We cannot admit small children or dogs
All proceed to "Friends of Morston Church
registered charity no. 1099831
Jocelyn ("Joc") Wingfield, Secretary. 01263-74 04 31.
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