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Sheringham Community Paper Hello and welcome to yet another fun packed, informative issue of Vic's column. Yes you know it’s the one that every one has a love hate relation ship with. Yep some love to hate it but then again some really look forward to reading and inwardly digesting every sylable. Never the less whether you adore or detest it, it's always read so I guess it doesn't really matter into which camp the individual falls so… enjoy!
Wow so much has been happening in town since I last penned to you all I scarcely know where to begin. For instance many patriots strung the flags and flew them high and proud for St George's day. Norwich City have, quite rightly so, been promoted into the premiership, Yippee! Tesco's have announced record billions in profits amassed from their stores from Nine European countries including Poland, which is precisely where more than one or two local folks would like to see them end up if you get my drift (up to their necks in it). We now know in which decade we're to get our long awaited wheelie bins, and last but by no means least, the holiday season has started in earnest. It's all enough to make me want to get up and go to let off steam. And I did just that I went to "Let of Steam" And in this instance I don't mean spouting off about something or someone I'm referring to Sheringham's latest children's attraction. Situated in the old St. Peter's Church hall building it is a dream. Both for adults and kiddies alike. I can't wait to have my party there! They have everything there from slides to ball pens to big swinging punch bags, rope ladders and bridges to space hoppers and a Velcro steam train. (A novel idea for the North Norfolk Line don't you think?) Plus the biggest connect four game one would ever feast the eye on. I must admit after trying everything I was ready for the cuppa and a huge slice of chocy sponge your granny could have baked with her own fair hand. Yes it was every bit as entertaining as our very own Sheringham Player's sit-a-thon rendition of John Osborne's "The Entertainer" Well done to you. What a shame the local rag review didn't comment a little more on the individual efforts of cast and crew. I can tell you now, there's many a professional bunch who wouldn't have tackled that one in a hurry so well done and congrats on the new amalgamated group. I'm sorry to see Stage Direct go but if this is what the groups come up with then you've got my vote every time. And like the old penny the famous faces still keep giving us their visitations. We've been graced with Julie the weather girl Good old Anne "W" and now the chap from "Harry Potter " fame. Who's next one asks one's self? Well the Frinton Summer rep is back I think for another turn. But no need to bring the chips with them or sandwiches for that matter as yet another sandwich bar has graced our town. My goodness me if we all tried to patronise all of them in a month we'd be fit to bursting, Quite literally! Still there's always the Atkins diet. I'm sure one of the food outlets could oblige! And then if we all bought a take away sarnie we'd collect enough waste cling film to wrap up the Robin Hood pub. Which incidentally seems to have taken a rapid down turn in upkeep (flaking paint, missing boards and now broken windows) any more of this and we'll be wanting that to be on the take away list too before long. Best not put it out for the wheelie bin though as we now have to wait 'till October for our bins to arrive. I can't help wonder why we are the last to be getting them? We are the smallest constituency out of the whole east region. Maybe the powers that be knew we'd be the ones offering most resistance, and perhaps that the extra time would hopefully win a few more round. Or at least give the powers that be a bit more time to sort out the extra helping hands needed for the mass of infirm, unable and unwilling to compromise. And, like so many others in other counties many folk will now have to think of removing some more of the old junk out of the garage to make way for the new double, or trio acts if you've ordered the 30.00 quid a year brown one as well. The plus side is that we would all generate enough stuff from the clear out to set up a car-boot stall at Cookies. You just might even generate enough cash to fund the extra bin for rubbish out of the garden.
And I don't mean Grandma's 1924 deckchair and matching parasol! Now this is strictly for the use of garden vegetation, cuttings etc and the odd dead frog and starling that next door's cat had so kindly deposited as a leaving gift and a thank you for the generous use of the newly tilled seed bed of petunias. Obviously the cats of the Boulevard at the memorial end have not discovered the flowerbeds around the war memorial, as they are quite a picture. Presumably our feline friends are never quite quick enough to dodge the on coming vehicles attempting to park on the round. Now that the holiday season has gotten underway I suspect this will be continuous, ongoing and a growing venture. Not unlike our friend Tesco. But at least we'd get a well needed car park for all the marauding starving hungry masses who come from far and wide to sample the culinary delights at one of the biggest refectories in the east of England! If grub be the music of life- scoff on!

Right I'm off for kebab todleloo. Well that's all for this time peeps! Mind how you go, till next time Vic
Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper
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