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BAND REVIEW - Tim Jefferson
The Emma Hall Band is a big sound, a clever blend of rock, soul, funk and rap. All very danceable and the crowd at the Crown proved it. They’re a six piece; vocal – Emma, keyboards, guitar, percussion, bass and drums. They were all highly talented musicians especially the interplay between the percussion and the drums, I particularly noticed. The highly complex rhythms needed for this kind of music were played beautifully and a stand-in keyboard player added spice to what was already a great keyboard contribution. Strong driving and dextrous guitar took the middle ground with style and superb bass playing capped it all. Emma Hall’s correct use of the microphone (avoiding distortion) shone through. Their drummer is about to leave for other professional work so any of you, who want to take his place, please contact Emma 01603 493755. It was a great night, which was all the more enjoyable for me because I spent it in the company of five Lancashire gate fitters who knew how to party, thank you lads.
For any queries regarding musical terms which I use, please contact me on 01263 822749 or I’ll be happy to hear from you.
Sheringham Community Paper The band members are:
Emma – (the heart) has performed since aged 13, she did cruise ships in her early career. She was lead vocalist for Lee Vasey during the 80s.
Jimbo – (the stability) – keyboards and backing vocalist, and has played with members of The Darkness in the early 90s.
Ali – (the drive) describes herself as “unique” percussionist/backing vocalist. Also played with Lee Vasey. Ali is a percussion tutor.  Phil – (the soul) Is a first rate drummer, but needs replacing as he’s going on an European tour with another band who have been signed by Island Records.  Monty- (the life) is an eccentric guitarist and joined EHB 3 years ago.  Malcolm – (the brains) is a superb bass player and joined about a year ago.

EHB has had numerous incarnations. The first of which incorporated the excellent guitarist Paul Rhodes approximately seven years ago. Gigged for a few years in and around East Anglia. They had a one-year break to do solo projects. Emma reformed with Ali and a new line up, this was a 9 piece with horn section but now the band is down to a tight 6 piece, and feels the best its ever been.
Get well Soon Benjie
from Porcupine
Sheringham Community Paper
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Dear Editor,  In the Community Police column of the @Sheringham magazine, I was somewhat perplexed to read Sgt. Toynton's interpretation of the Highway Code.

1. In the Highway Code of today's date, Zig Zag markings (such as those to be found outside the Sheringham Primary School in Cooper Road) are an indication to " keep the entrace clear of stationary vehicles, even if Picking up or setting down children."   Under Rule 217 of the Highway Code, motorist are informed:" Do not park where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or other road users. For example, do not stop near a school entrance".  Yesterday (Tuesday) was the first day back at school and my grandchildren were put in extreme danger by the number of cars parked along the road in front of the school, covering zig zag lines. People were reversing their cars and trying to get round cars which were parkedwhere the children were coming out of school . In my opinion this was NOT the way the Highway code is meant to operate and I would ask the police to consider their interpretation of the rules here please before the subject gets out of hand and we have a serious accident occurring.

2. The Speed Limit on Weybourne Road, from the Roundabout to the Splash ranges from 30mph to 40mph. So how do the police manage to monitor for RESIDENTS along that road that 45mph average is now alright? Past the cemetery where there are no residents may be 60mph, but even then, with the undulations on that part of the road, surely advise should be to drive at a speed appropriate to the conditions?

3. Signs to prevent damage on the putting green will not help if there is no-one enforcing the signs just as the 30mph signs down the whole of Holway Road are ignored by those who choose to because there is no-one to deal with the speeders.  As Josie Rushing pointed out in her letter to the NN News (15 April) parents should be prosecuted if youngsters cause damage to OUR facilities.

Madeleine Ashcroft
Sheringham Community Paper
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