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Gardening Tips

Your fortnightly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors
Sheringham Community Paper
Hedges. We use hedges and screens to mark boundaries, and to give privacy and shelter to the garden. They can provide a pleasing edging to the domain, like a frame around a picture. Within the garden lesser hedges may be planted as part of the design, to mark out one part of the garden from another, or perhaps to protect a bed of special plants. Long hedges will always require work. Even the slower-growing kinds will need trimming at least once or twice a year. With electric hedgetrimmers the job may be less daunting. Hedges are usually clipped neatly and kept to a regular shape; they are living walls. They can look very fine, but why not make life easier? Alternative screens could be made of trellis with plants growing through it, or could consist of shrubs and/or trees grown for similar purposes as a hedge but not kept formally clipped.

This month is sunshine, deep blue skies and lush growth. High summer, and garden visiting gets into full swing; herbaceous borders and summer shrubs are critically examined and admired, ideas are carried away to be tried out at home. Roses are now in full dress; the popular clematis are covering walls and trellis as well as climbing over shrubs and trees. Lilies are spectacular, as only lilies can be, now that the hugely scented trumpet kinds are loading the air with fragrance. The water garden is at its best; with bright skies the water looks colourful, reflecting the sky and the wonderful growth around the margins, while supporting the pads and flowers of lovely water lilies. It is a great time for garden lovers.

Lilies.  Summer is lily time. Plant all the bulbs in early autumn or early spring with good drainage but with at least 10-15cm of soil over their tops. The lilies most frequently on sale in garden centres are the early and midsummer-flowering. The range now is very wide, and all are worth trying. They are splendid border plants and wonderful in pots. Lilies are the easiest of bulbs to grow in pots. A 20cm (8in) pot will take three or five bulbs, depending on size. Place a little humus-rich compost in the pot and set the bulbs in as low as possible. Fill the pot with compost. In a conservatory or cold greenhouse, bulbs planted in early spring will be in flower in fourteen weeks.
Dear Editor,
This may seem a minor thing, but not to me.
At St Peters Church in the ‘ right of way’ is an oak tree with a blue VII coronation, there is a seat near it where elderly people sit in the peace and quiet. I’ve been told the tree is to come down etc, is this true? Sheringham people probably contributed to it – a notableman was chosen to plant it- does all that mean nothing these days.

I’m not a Norfolk born woman but I’ve lived in Norfolk 35 years and feel a part of it. I’ve signed many petitions ‘against’ starting from when they stole the recreation ground in the Holt road, the convalescent home, various Supermarkets etc, all to no avail, but in spite of that I feel I must protest, not that it will do any stating it was planted in 1902 to commemorate King Edward.  G. C.
Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

I had just got my photo done in a photo booth but when they came out there was nothing on them!I ran up to the man at the check out complaining that it was a rip off and there was something wrong qith the machine.

But than the man turned them over and on the other side was me grinning away!
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Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper
Health & Safety Scam.
Another official looking demand for money is doing the rounds, this time for Health & Safety.

It threatens 2 years imprisonment per offense if you don't pay up. It asks for either 199 or 249.

A lot of money, so check it out - don't send off money .

Contact the real Health & safety and ask them. You will notice that yet again these scams have no contact telephone numbers.

Thanks to Stead Mutton Associates for passing on this information.
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