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Sheringham Community Paper Dougal's Pet Corner

The place for your pet stories and pictures, let me have them
Sheringham Community Paper
Wilma, when only a few days old, was found running on a road and brought to Hillside. After the usual veterinary checks and period of quarantine, she is now settling down to life at the Sanctuary and, like Junior, is developing her own character. She behaves very much like a puppy does; playing ball, jumping around and squealing with delight and generally showing off whenever anyone approaches! Wilma was just two months when this photograph was taken and although sows generally do not grow as big as their male counterparts, she will nevertheless get to quite a size. We look forward to seeing her become a mature adult and living, as all our animals do, peacefully in the tranquil surroundings of Hillside.  Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Hill Top Farm, Hall Lane, Frettenham.
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Summer Dangers for Hedgehogs
Dark, warm, damp summer nights are a Hedgehogs idea of heaven. Being nocturnal creatures, this is when they mate, make nests, feed, have babies, perform rituals and generally go about their business. Of course moving around in the dark has its dangers, like falling into ponds or holes where the sides are so steep they cannot get out, get caught in netting, blinded by farm sprays and stuck in tin cans scavenged from our bin bags. Crossing a road at night can be a life-threatening, hazardous adventure as well. One might be led to think that most Hedgehog lives are taken whilst he is out strutting his stuff at night, this is not so. Daylight hours are far more dangerous for a sleeping Hedgehog. Making his bed in the strangest of places causes the poor Hedgehog to be forked in compost heaps, burnt in bonfires, sliced by strimmers and run over by lawn mowers. These injuries, if not fatal, can cause great suffering and the poor Hedgehog can walk around for days with terrible wounds. Living in our back gardens makes the poor Hedgehog one of the most persecuted of all our wild animals; in fact over the past 10 years their numbers have dropped by 50%.
Sheringham Community Paper When a Hedgehog becomes sick, injured, orphaned or blind it prevents him from returning to his nest during daylight hours. It then runs the terrible fate of being bombarded by the bluebottle fly. The fly lays it’s eggs on the poor Hedgehog, these eggs will turn into maggots and slowly eat the Hedgehog alive.
So if you see a Hedgehog out in full daylight, rescue it immediately. Unless rescued it means a certain, lingering death.   You will need to find a high-sided cardboard box, scoop the Hedgehog up into an old towel and place in the box with a nice, warm hot water bottle. If you haven’t got a hot water bottle then an old, empty, plastic squash bottle filled with warm water will do.

Offer it some sloppy food, such as meaty cat food, mashed with a little water or perhaps a scrambled egg (no milk) and a drink of water. Then ‘phone your nearest Vet, Rescue or the Hedgehog Helpline which is 01379 644988.

Sheringham Community Paper All the cats at Cromer have now been neutered and the ladies who look after them are relieved that there will be no more kittens to look after and find homes for. With regular food the cats will have healthier and contented lives.
Unfortunately, Cher, the young mother cat did not enjoy close contact with people and has now settled back with the other cats.  We were pleased to see so many people at our Plant Sale and Spring Fayre, which raised 415. We would like to thank everyone who supported us.  Plans are now in progress for our next event, an “Open Day” at Mill Cottage, Mill Road, Dilham on Saturday 12th June from 11am. Stalls, plus refreshments will all be available, and you can also see the cats and kittens at present in care at Dilham. We are also holding our third “sponsored Walk” on Sunday 27th June starting at 10 am from Mill Cottage. The walk is approximately 5 miles and a barbeque is available for the walkers on completion. If you would like to take part or sponsor one of the walkers please call Jane Doylend on 01603 473260.

When we went to collect plants from a friend who lives near Fakenham, we also collected an orphan from Edgefield. This 3-4-day-old kitten had survived on sugared water overnight and quickly emptied a bottle of “Cimicat” when we arrived. Fortunately, we had a young cat plus four 7-day-old kittens arriving that evening. On being shown the orphan, mum (Lucy) immediately started to give him a wash and readily accepted him with her own kittens. Although Lucy has had a few problems (mainly due to a bad worm infestation plus a very high temperature) she and all five kittens are now thriving.

Spider, Tim and Tom have all been chosen and left to join their new families. We were delighted that Tim and Tom have been able to stay together.  Also waiting for new homes are;

Maestro, a tabby boy aged 9 years. Maestro came into our care because his owner was recently died in a car accident. This lovely boy is very friendly and would love to have a lap to sit on.

Murphy is white and black and about 6 years old. With his battered ears and bald patches you could describe him as a typical “Tom”.  After a visit to the vets and lots of loving care, Murphy is already looking much more presentable and deserves a good home with caring people.

If you are looking for a cat, call Stephanie on 01692 535858. Alternatively you can visit for a description of the cats before giving her a call.

Sheringham Community Paper NORTH NORFOLK CAMERA CLUB
The season has now ended, with the exception of three monthly outings which are being arranged by John Humberstone. If you don't already have details please register your interest with John.  All members should by now have received a copy of next seasons programme. The first meeting is on Wednesday September 15th, and all future meetings will be on a Wednesday at Holt Community Centre where arrangements have been made to use the Lounge Room. This offers much more comfortable facilities for the club.   The new programme offers several exciting events for camera enthusiasts. As well as the usual competitions; lectures have been arranged by several authorative speakers such as Tony Marr, Barry Beckham, and Rod Rawlings.  If you are new to the local camera club scene, or want to rekindle your interest in photography, send now for a copy of this exciting programme.  The new secretary to contact is Liz Kendall at Blakeney, by telephone 01263 740493, or by e-mail to
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