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Lokit, Mrkit, KEPit, Usit, DntL0sit!
(or Lock it, Mark it, Keep it, Use it, Don't lose it! for those less familiar with the language of "texting")

That's the message from the Metropolitan Police Service in a mobile phone crime prevention campaign. It is aimed particularly at schoolchildren but the advice applies equally to phone users of any age.

Precautions to take:
1. Record your phone's IMEI number - which is unique to each phone. If the phone is stolen, this number can then be used by police to prove that the phone is stolen and to return it to the rightful owner.

2. The IMEI number is displayed by pressing * # 0 6 # ("star", "hash", "zero", "six", "hash")

3. Get you phone property marked.

4. Keep your phone out of sight when you are in public places such as when you are walking in the street.

5. Use any security features that are built in to your phone, such as additional security codes.

6. If you are not using your phone then keep it turned off.

7. If your phone is lost or stolen then report it immediately.
“Responsibility for high Council tax lies with No 10 Downing Street” says Conservative Local Government Finance Spokesman.   Visiting North Norfolk, David Cameron, Conservative MP for Witney and front bench spokesman for Local Government Finance pointed the finger of blame at central Government for the unacceptably high rates of council tax now paid by residents in North Norfolk.   David said: “Central Government has piled extra responsibilities onto local councils and has not given them the money to carry them out. As well as all the new laws councils have to comply with, they also have to pay Labour’s new National Insurance charges, pension taxes, higher fuel duty and bed blocking fines.”  “Council Leaders must feel like Elton John’s hairdresser. Every year they have to do more and more with less and less.”  David pointed out that the average band D council tax is now 1200, an increase of 95% since 1997.

David explained that he was visiting North Norfolk for two reasons:
- To support Iain Dale, the Conservative candidate for the North Norfolk parliamentary seat; and
- to listen to local concerns about Council Tax and other local government finance issues. David will also be meeting with Conservative District and County Councillors, including Alison King, Leader of Norfolk County Council.

About Iain Dale, David said: “Iain is an outstanding candidate. He is intelligent, forthright, hardworking, will stand up for people in North Norfolk and make a strong impact in the House of Commons”

On the issue of Council Tax, David said: “The current level of Council Tax is causing people real pain; it has risen too quickly and gone too far. People are really struggling to pay their bills and cannot understand why the tax has gone up by 95% in 7 years and simply do not see the increase in service to match.
Dear Editor
Is Sergeant Tony Toynton testing us?
I write with regard to his recent Community Police column in issue 35 of the @ Sheringham where he states the Yellow Zig Zag lines and ‘SCHOOL KEEP CLEAR’ markings are not a ‘NO WAITING’ zone and that people can park there if they do not cause an obstruction to the coaches leaving the school. Apparently a 30 ticket can be issued for obstruction if one is being caused.

I have studied the Highway Code which can be found on-line at and under sections 213-226 ‘Waiting and Parking’ it states that:-

You MUST NOT wait or park where there are restrictions shown by school entrance markings on the carriageway.

It also says:
DO NOT park your vehicle on the road where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or other road users, EG do not stop near a school entrance.
These points seems to contradict Sgt Toyntons ‘clarification’ that the yellow zig zag markings are to allow the coaches to return once the passengers have been dropped off or collected.The school coaches actually drive into the school grounds through the gates and drop the children off there.

The other point he made was about the speed of cars along Weybourne Road as local residents are concerned they are going too fast. According to Sergeant Toynton the average of 45mph which a cross section of cars were doing when checked is well below the national speed limit of 60mph which applies to this stretch of road. According to the speed limit signs along the Weybourne Road the national speed limit of 60mph does not apply until you leave Sheringham past the cemetery. It is 30mph until the Golf Club and then 40mph until you go past the cemetery and leave the town. Or is this the stretch of road that local residents are concerned about? There are just fields either side of this stretch of road- hardly necessary to employ a policeman to check the speed of cars along there surely? Perhaps these points could be cleared up as I know of several parents who are astounded by the comments he made about the parking outside the school.

I was the ‘concerned parent’ writing in the last issue about the danger my children face every time we walk past the cars near the school entrance. These cars are not just parked but pulling up, dropping off, reversing, and sitting with engines on This even includes the Ice-cream Van which sits there at 3 o’clock.

I am amazed that a local police sergeant can give the green light to parents to continue to park outside the school. I can only hope that a child is not killed or run over before something is done about the situation. It cannot continue as at is.

Yours Sincerely, ‘An extremely concerned parent.’
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