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BAND REVIEW - Tim Jefferson
Lee Vasey at The Crown
This band played as a five-piece; (guitar, bass, drums and two singers). They started on time and just kept going, and I mean just that. It was what we call in the trade, a medley. Each piece of music is followed seemlessly by another. To do this for an hour, negotiating key  and rhythm changes requires a very high standard of musicianship as well as many hours of rehearsal.

They did a second set the same way, fantastic. The music was fast and funky - a 1970s style of music, completely danceable and brilliantly played.
Sheringham Community Paper Nelly, pictured here with Tim, says, “I can dance all night to this stuff”. This band seems to enjoy a phenomenal reputation. It is deserved; a complete lack of slow numbers ensured that the floor was heaving with people dancing all night. Even though it was all covers they stylishly avoided blandness despite stamping their own sound on to the sets.
They are truly amazing. Distortion over the speakers of the vocals was the only thing I could spot.  After a performance like that quite frankly who cares. Vasey's guitar style is brilliant, drums brilliant, finger-style bass brilliant and great harmonies from the singers. These went to create a night I won't forget in a hurry.

Again my feet were stood on fifty times but it was worth it. That will teach me......nothing. Lee Vasey next playing at The Crown Wednesday 16th June.

Dogz are a five-piece band: guitar; bass; drums; keyboards and vocals. An impressive line-up. Their first set started with the classic rock they said was their style. Unfortunately there was a lack of urgency in the first set.

There was nothing wrong with the music but with so many possibilities for lead-fill, I 'm not sure the band knew whose job it was. Lead-fill is the music you hear in between vocal lines or gaps that the vocals allow.  You can't knock the band for lack of enthusiasm; they proved that in the second set.

They came out fighting and the audience responded. At last the band were rewarded with dancing. They played much better in the second set and sorted out the problems with lead-fill and dropping and jumping the tempo .

I feel that if the band altered the first set their sound would win over the audience far sooner. They did "freebird " by Lynard Skynard and they had me on the move. The guitar playing was phenomenal. The keyboards tended to sometimes blanket over the interplay (the third factor created by two instruments working together) but blended well in the second set giving the band well-deserved applause and encores. Nice to hear Roland Keyboards and a thick Gibson guitar sound. Thank you lads I enjoyed your gig. The Dogz are at The Crown Sunday 27th June at 9pm
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The "he" puzzle:
Name an English word of more than 2 letters that both begins and ends with the letters 'he' (in that order). (Actually, there are two possible correct answers -- and "hehe" is not an acceptable solution.)
All a-wash for end of year bash !
Faced with the problem of rising costs for their end of year college “bash”, Paston students found a novel way to solve their problem - themselves ! As Paston College draws students from some 400 miles of rural and coastal North Norfolk, a major cost of the “bash” – to be held The Three Horseshoes in Scottow - lies in transport and coach prices have risen sharply since 2003. Members of the College student council were keen to keep the ticket price low so that no student was deterred from going on grounds of cost. “The social side of being at Paston is really important and we want to get as many students there as possible”, said council chairman, Ben Poulter, from Sheringham. “We have looked for grants to help us out, but in the end we decided to roll up our sleeves to solve the problem ourselves.” So armed with buckets, water and shampoo the group set to with a hand car wash service. This was competitively priced and so found many takers from among the 150 staff at the college and students. The group raised 170 on their first attempt. 90 for washing cars and 80 in sponsorship for Ben Brown (from Horstead) who dressed up as a nurse for the event !
Sheringham Community Paper Peter Mayne, Paston College Principal, said “they have really done an excellent job – our park was full of sparkling new-looking vehicles. I was certainly pleased with the job done on my car.
The council takes it job very seriously and I was really pleased to see the practical solution they came up with to resolve their problem. First rate, is my verdict and keep up the good work.” They certainly will. The students plan to offer the service again in two weeks time with the knowledge that they certainly have satisfied customers who will take them up on it.

Photographs – supplied by Paston College:
1. Group photo of the car wash team with satisfied customer, Principal Peter Mayne.
(back row) Adam Ward, Samuel Grout, Emily Harwood, Stephen Sharrocks, Kiri Thompson, Ben Poulter, Peter Mayne, Peter Clarke.
Front Row Ben Brown, Michaela Dennis, Tabbi Woodgett, Shaun Todd.
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