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Sheringham Community Paper Cook's Corner

Your fortnightly recipe to
tantalise your taste buds
Toffee Fingers
125g (4oz) golden syrup
65g (2.1/2oz) soft light brown sugar
40g (1.1/2oz) butter
50g (2oz) rice krispies
175g (6oz) cream toffees
50g (2oz) butter
50ml (2fl ozs) single cream
75g (3oz) milk chocolate
25 (1oz) butter
Lightly grease shallow 18cm (7in) square tin, line base with non-stick paper.
Make base
Put syrup, butter and sugar in a saucepan, stir over gentle heat until melted Bring to boil. Add rice krispies, refrigerate for about 1hr until set.
Make filling
Put toffees, butter and cream into pan, melt and bring slowly to the boil, pour over base.
Make topping
Put chocolate and butter into heatproof bowl, Place over a pan of hot water stirring occasionally until melted.  Spread topping over toffee filling and refrigerate for about 1 hour until set.  Carefully remove the slab from the tin and peel off paper. Cut the square in half and cut each half into 6 fingers. Keep refrigerated until serving.
Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Horticultural Society.
Summer Show to be held from 15th—17th July, 2004 at St Joseph’s Parish Centre, Cromer Road, Sheringham and is open to non-members.
Schedules can be obtained from the Show Secretary, Joyce Harvey, by ringing 01263 825240.
Have People Stopped Listening To You?
How often are you persuaded by unwanted advice, like, ‘You really should do this!’ or ‘If I were you, I would certainly do that!’ and it isn’t what you really wanted to do? You just want people to actually listen to you, and what you want to do!  Norfolk Elders Advocacy Alliance (NEAA) is a Registered Charity, working in Norfolk and offering FREE support and assistance to people over fifty-five.

NEAA’s team of experienced Volunteer Advocates will listen! They do not tell you what to do, they listen to your wishes. Advocates can assist you in obtaining expert advice in money, health, housing, and social welfare matters, but above all they will support you to follow your own course of action.  For instance: Mrs X, an older lady with increasing health problems, was living in an isolated property requiring renovation. She wanted to move to another village where there were more amenities, but the prospect of moving house was so daunting she felt overwhelmed.

An advocate listened to Mrs X’s wishes and with that advocate’s support she explored several options including sheltered housing schemes. Working at Mrs X’s own pace over several months, and in close liaison with her solicitor and a social worker the Advocate helped her to move to a new home.  For an Advocate to visit and listen to you in strict confidence, about any matter, no matter how small, just ring:
Norfolk Elders Advocacy Alliance.  Phone: 0800 328 9532. Charity No 1078600.  Or if you have the skills that would have helped Mrs X, you might consider joining us as a Volunteer Advocate.
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