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Licensing Act 2003
As you may know, the Government is moving the responsibility for the issue of liquor licences and late-night refreshment house licences, from the Licensing Magistrates to the District Council.  The move will come in two parts, known as the first and second ‘’appointed days’’ The first appointed day is expected to be in October or November 2004, and the second in June or July 2005.  From the first appointed day, the range of different licences for alcohol and public entertainment in pubs, restaurants and hotels will be replaced with a single ‘premises’ licence. From that date, North Norfolk District Council will be dealing with changing these existing licences into premises licences. What those licensees have now will be re-issued without challenge.  Until the second date, magistrates will still be dealing with the day-to-day issuing of any new licences, but ‘variation’ to licences (like changes of hours) will be dealt with by NNDC.   From the second date NNDC will have full responsibility, and all licence-holders for licensed premises will obtain from the Council exactly what they have, in the past, from the Magistrates Courts.  It is the intention of the Licensing Act to extend permitted hours- and it is possible that some establishments will seek 24 /7 licences, though it is unlikely. First indications are that the licensing trade is looking to extend its hours, in the case of pubs possibly by two or three hours, so closing time could be 1am or 2am in some cases, instead of the current 11pm.  The applicant must submit a business plan which covers the four points of the Act:

1) the prevention of crime and disorder.
2) Public safety.
3) The prevention of public nuisance.
4) The protection of children from harm.

Anyone may object to a variation request, and those objections should be presented to NNDC. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure an A3-sized notice is displayed on their premises and that a public notice is placed in two local newspapers. Objections must relate to the four points above, and must be made on the basis of evidence.  The new Act requires the Council to prepare a policy document, in consultation with relevant bodies. The policy is renewable every three years, so consultation will be ongoing.   Having consulted with all the parish and town councils, and major partners such as police, NNDC would like to hear the views of the general public, the people most likely to be affected by the day-to-day activities of the Act.  If you would like a copy of North Norfolk District Councils draft policy, further information, or to arrange a public meeting at which Council officers can speak in more depth about this subject, please phone me on 01263 516268. If you have a strong view you wish to express, you can write to me at the Licensing Department, Council Offices, Holt Road, Cromer.  This Act and its ramifications will affect you and now is the time to let us know how you feel, and have your questions answered and your doubts removed.  Yours faithfully, Tony Gent. Licensing Team Leader. North Norfolk District Council.
Dear Readers
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