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Congratulations to Tim Jefferson for organising the Norwegian Tour. The Mandolin Orchestra was a huge success. These tours all came about by chatting to a Norwegian lady in a Newcastle pub about fifteen years ago!

The band visited the cosmopolitan city of Oslo, normally with crowded cafes, pubs and late night shopping but on this occasion almost deserted because of the Whitmonday holiday on 31st May. At one point Tim Jefferson inflicted his bagpipes on passers-by.

From there we went across the fjord to Hovedøya island where the band enjoyed a lavish barbecue laid on by Tim’s friends who helped organise the concerts and accommodation.
Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper Another place we visited was the small idyllic village of Drøbak, meaning ‘long hill/slope’. The boys particularly enjoyed dodging the jellyfish when jumping in the fjord!  DrØbak is also is Santa Claus’ hometown where he answers letters and has his own postmark! The Christmas house and Santas’ post office is open all year round.  It was from here at DrØbak, that Hitler planned to force the Norwegians to surrender. But Colonel Birger Eriksen defied the Norwegian fascist leader Vidkun Quisling’s orders and fired the 1890s canons at the German battleship the Blucher. Eriksen then ordered fire from the secret underwater torpedo battery – two torpedoes hit and sealed the fate of Hitler’s pride. At 06.19 the Blucher went to the bottom of the 80-meter deep fjord. Thus gaining time for the Norwegian Royal family and the nation’s leaders time to escape. Unfortunately the Germans succeeded to seize the capital later that day when they landed airborne troops from the airfields seized in Denmark.

The last concert was held in the university town of Ås at the Festhalen, where The Jefferson’s Mandolin Orchestra performed along with two other orchestras of Nicholas and Reidar.  The bands gig list was; I Had a Dream, Norwegian Wood, Farewell To Camp Chase, Speak Softly Love, And I loveYou So, Forever And Ever, Into Your Arms, Spanish Eyes, Something Stupid, Flower Of Scotland, Windmills Of Your Mind, Theme from Love Story and Mad World.  Well done to; Gary Nicholson, Michael Brenchley, George Mack, Stephen Allman, Robert Mack, James Stimpson and band leader Joel Fiddy.  Thanks boys – my coffee has never tasted better!  Special thanks go to Tim Fiddy for all his hard work.  Deb
North Norfolk Voluntary Group of Diabetes UK raised £1100.00
Thanks to all who took part
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