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Gardening Tips

Your fortnightly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors
Sheringham Community Paper
Garden Walls.

Garden walls have several roles, and in some positions one role takes precedence over others. Boundary walls mark the limits of the property and garden, provide barriers and give shelter. Interior walls may be used to hold back soil as raised beds, or can be used to define parts of the garden and be themselves a decorative as well as a part of the overall design.

The value of the walls themselves is important. They provide a vertical as well as a horizontal element to the garden design, the eye hitting the wall as a barrier or plane in opposition to the usual dominant horizontal one. They provide solidity, texture and colour to define parts of the garden and provide a background setting for the plants. They ought to look good, and be as easy to construct and as maintenance free as possible. The use of a lot of very different material in the garden can shatter any sense of unity and peace. However, the bold use of two or three contrasting kinds can be very effective and provide a lively setting for the plants—most types of stone and brick are friendly to plants in this way.

Railway Sleepers.

These can be the easy gardener’s regular stand-by when dealing with construction projects; they are very useful for creating quick, low walls. Each is 2.5m (8ft) long and can be handled easily by two fit people. In fact, they are not impossibly difficult for one person to manipulate once they have been carried to the working site.

Raised Beds.

Raised beds have several advantages. They can make a definite feature in the garden design and give better drainage to the resident plants. The extra height and the retaining walls provide sites which will show off some plants to advantage, especially those that are never happier than when cascading over and down a wall. More practically, the plants will be closer to the eye to admire and to the hand to tend, saving a great deal of bending and backache for the gardener.
Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

My mother had knitted me a lovely pair of swimming trunks and i went off the the local beach. Imagine my horror when they got wet and were suddenly big enough to fit an elephant. Mind you, this was back in the early 1950's!
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Sheringham Community Paper
Grand Carnival Car Boot
31st July   7.00am - 3.00pm
Beeston Common
Peter Whitbread is at St Peter's Church in the Park on Friday 10th September, 7.30pm. He is relating his lyrical down to earth, funny and moving story of St Peter, 'I was there'. Tickets are 4 including cheese and wine, children half price. Come and join us in this wonderful setting and help raise funds for our Church. Please ring David 01263 860126 or Jackie 01263 862450. Thank You
Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper
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