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Sheringham Community Paper Ah yes, summer’s here in Sheringham. Yes it’s time for sand, sun, sea and frolics (if you’re lucky) friendly faced people everywhere and a generally happy clappy atmosphere, as holidays are a comin’. We mustn’t forget also all those little everyday local events however, that makes or changes our lives.
Like the Carnival preparations, St George’s flags adorning every Skoda car in the land, then throw in the odd car smash at the Town Clock and a stabbing in the last month and one is left to make up one’s mind to the overall charm of the place.

I’m afraid it’s the start of the annual Summer Madness that erupts in people at this particular time of the year. Perhaps it’s something in the water or the general lack of it as some parts have recently experienced cuts and shortages of supply. But never fear all is not lost. Wimbledon arrives with frightening regularity and with it, so the heavens open, so much so, every fish in the area must have thought Christmas has come early. And so to escape the endless hours of sport coverage on every channel, every day of tennis or footie, I took myself off to the Little Theatre on the first night of the Sheringham Players production of Tomb with a view. Indeed at one point I thought my eerie demise was imminent when the gun shots were fired and there were one or two moments when some of the cast must have wished for a grave to open during the deathly silences whilst waiting for the frequent prompts of the evening! But never mind, I was entertained, as I usually am by the humorous antics of this crazy bunch of individuals who are willing at least to get up there and perform for us, they’re all mad! And I’m glad they are, as Sheringham would be a dull place without groups of similar calibre.

Well here I am, penning my thoughts as I contemplate the Home Secretary’s futile attempts to ‘Nail’ the freed and deported Fireman hooligan from Portugal on his entry back into this country. How can it be so easy to deport a convicted felon and send him back here on a whim? Silly me, I almost forgot we’re allowed to bring anything into this country as long as it’s not cheap fags, booze and the family’s Fido without a chip in its ear! It’s no good, we’ll all have to move to Spain. Talking of Europe and especially the European elections, I hope you all did that important, responsible thing on Election Day. I don’t mean rushing out to get a Father’s Day card. I meant I hope we all went to one of our towns three, superbly spaced out polling stations that were so well thought out in their positioning, that they were all within spitting distance of each other. WELL DONE THEM! It just meant we all had to walk an equidistant trek from wherever we may live to within the same fifty-foot area. That was about as cosy as a Big Brother threesome bedroom romp. Come on people in the know, I mean a single mobile hut on the playing field would have sufficed. It wasn’t exactly the turnout of the century now was it? And you all knew that beforehand, so why bother with three wards where one could have done. I just don’t understand it, after all, Sheringham is such a big place, isn’t it, and it wasn’t as if they were in such a hurry to declare either. Great forward thinking there my old and weary grey matter mumbles to itself. What is it all leading to I hear you asking, this great big European Federation State, should we take it on board. My guess is that there was many a European country n the past that would dearly have loved to be in such a position of governing power and not even having to have a World War to achieve it. Need I say more? It all makes me want to have a lie down with a large schooner of Amontillado.  Yes, soon that might be a possibility 24/7 in Sheringham, should some of our licensees choose to apply for the relevant licence from the council in future. Hooray, I hear the alcoholics among you slur. We can drink around the clock! Well, yes in minutes you can, but alas not on any of the seats in it or in any of the surrounding streets, or you could be arrested.
I suppose then, we wouldn’t even have to leave our barstool in The Crown or Lobster pubs.   Never actually having the need to sober up or get paralysis in the legs when confronted with the fresh, cold night air. There’d be no need for some to go home or even move from the wide screen tellies in the bars whilst the sport is in full swing. Which is fine, of course, but just make sure Grandpa’s bagged and padded before you leave him. So on that damp note, I must bid you farewell for now and leave you all till next time. So keep well and be good. Happy Olympic season to you all and take care. Vic
I am seeking any information on an air raid on the ship S.S, North Devon which was attacked as she left Sheringham Harbour on 6th July 1941.Although the ship was badly damaged I believe that she limped back into Sheringham,one of the casualties was an Uncle called Reginald Mitchell.

I would like to know if he was buried in Sheringham and would be glad of any details relating to this attack by the German Luftwaffe.  I hope that you can help.
Many thanks Mr.R.Northcott.Tel.01392 668562
As a single 76-yr old- I moved from Cromer to Sheringham on May 1st (Bless the day). I am in need of company, but I must thank the good-hearted folk of Sheringham who have made me welcome. Thank you, Dennis Leader.
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