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BAND REVIEW - Tim Jefferson
Lindisfarne, Red Oktober at St.Peter's Church and Adams Creation"The Crown" March 31st.

Red Oktober are local but they perform like a national act. They are three piece and use three part vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, acoustic bass and mandolin. They describe their music as contemporary acoustic.

It's quite beautiful and the guitar and mandolin sounds are almost hypnotic and tastefully joined at the hip to the vocals, which are excellent. They did only a small set (20 minutes) as a warm up for Lindisfarne but did us proud. Very nice. They have a CD called "Surface Tension", buy it. It's good. I have my own copy and I recommend it.

They've played with the famous Maddy Prior, Isla St. Clair and have played at the Auden Theatre in Holt. They're doing the Broadland Folk Festival on 7th August and the Sheringham Folk Festival on 11th and 12th September.  

Lindisfarne is a band from the past but only if you look back. They have done this tour as three piece, one original member and two new. Their music is Folk Rock within the constraints of an acoustic set and my heart was knocked back thirty years.

Memories of the Saturdays where the word on everyone's lips was Lindisfarne. Their music was a requiem to my youth, a band who put us Geordies on the map and we're proud of it. I was transported to running up North Road, Durham, to kiss goodbye to a girl on the last bus to Chopwell and then sprinting back to the pub to catch last orders with a bit of luck.

My own career took off not long after this and I owe bands like Lindisfarne the credit for giving me belief. Thank you. They said themselves; "If this is the first time you've seen've just made it". Just as Geordie humour never ages, this band will live on in their music both old and new. It was an honour to see the past and present joining hands with such wonderful musicianship and style.

I just had time to cover "Adam's Creation" on their very last performance. They played brilliantly but all good things come to an end. It's no doubt also the start of maybe four more groups. I wish those lads all the best of luck and as I said last time, I think they'll get it!
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Actor, comedian and writer Stephen Fry officially opened the pier to the public on Saturday 26th June. Cromer pier has been closed since January after 2.4 million has been spent on refurbishment and building work.
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Stephen who lives in Norfolk entertained the huge crowd, at one point saying, " Lord Archer of Weston Super Mare, is the only British peer we don't want to see restored." A new seventy seat gallery and foyer extension were added to the Pavilion Theatre, the kiosks at the foot of the pier have been extended to make room for a new restaurant called Tides, gift shop and public tiolets.
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