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Are You an Ethical Investor

The public are increasingly exercising their political or environmental choice by, for example, buying organic food or cruelty-free cosmetics. To attract this type of consumer, the financial market is therefore providing alternative options to traditional finance.   According to the Ethical Investment Research Company (2003), there are now over 40 funds in the UK dedicated to responsible investment and an estimated 2.8 billion under ethical management, although we are still a long way behind the US in this.

No two ethical funds take exactly the same ethical standpoint. Some avoid companies involved in activities such as tobacco and gambling, for example; others seek out companies with good environmental records or look to see if they are involved with animal testing. So before choosing an ethical fund, it makes sense to check it uses an ethical policy that suits you, and tackles issues that matter to you.

At this time, socially responsible investment funds generally fall into one of two categories - ethical or green/environmental.

Ethical funds are administered in accordance with a wide range of ethical criteria, mainly using negative selection to avoid investment in companies associated with certain areas.   Most ethical funds will also make assessments in relation to environmental impact. After using negative screening, positive vetting is then applied to many of these funds.   Green or environmental funds invest in companies whose products, services or processes contribute to restoration and renewal of the ecology or to a cleaner and healthier environment.

If you decide that you want to investigate how to invest ethically, you need to be guided through the choices available. For example, you might feel that ethical funds are right for you, but you might equally want to put your money into other sectors. If you decide to go down the ethical route, you need to check the policy of your chosen company to ensure that it suits your beliefs. Some funds set up a dialogue with companies in order to persuade them to adopt the best practice on social, environmental and ethical issues.

Not all Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) will have specific expertise in ethical financial planning. So when you contact one, tell them you are interested in ethical investment and ask them whether they have expertise in this area. Many IFAs allow you one meeting free of charge. Before meeting them, it’s a good idea to think about which ethical issues are of interest to you. You may also have stronger views on some subjects than others. Thinking about these things in advance will help the IFA to identify which ethical funds may suit you best.  For more information about anything covered in this article or other financial planning ask for a free consultation with the author, Pam Blyth MLIA (dip), financial futures ifa limited. The point 1 Augusta Street Sheringham NR26 8LA (or phone 01263 825037) financial futures ifa limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
Have just seen your December edition of @ Sheringham internet news. I think the photograph is unlikely to be outside Pratt's - the writing on the shop wall does not look familiar and I am not aware there were ever any gates across the passageway to the side. I attach photgraph of the shop probably from about 1920s with my grandfather James Henry Pratt standing outside. Next door is Cooper's fruitshop - now GA Key estate Agents.  Hope this helps.Jenny Wakefield (Nee Pratt)
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