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‘A Tomb with a View’
A comedy thriller, by Norman Robbins, directed by Joyce Harvey, performed by The Sheringham Players. This is a jolly mix between the Addams Family and a game of Cluedo. A crazy family who like to think of murder as a hobby. The father dies leaving his fortunes to those closest to him, his six children, the maid, the nurse, the family solicitor and an unexpected author of women’s romantic novels, Miss Ash. However ‘Miss Ash’ appears to be the con woman, Freda in disguise, she is accompanied to the house by Mr Perry Potter, her secretary, who turns out to be the real ‘Miss Ash’, a name to write under to spare his embarrassment. The family is horrified to discover that the majority of the money goes to ‘Miss Ash’, unless she does not accept it in which case it is divided equally between them. She accepts and the play turns into a frenzy of murders, starting with hers. A murder mystery waiting to be solved, but who should be trusted? Everyone in the house has a motive to kill, whether they would or not is the question to ask.
Sheringham Community Paper
Six murders later and Monica, Perry, Dora, and Nurse Anne are the only people remaining. A power failure gets rid of Dora, as the lights go out her screams can be heard ringing through the auditorium. As the lights come on we see a struggle between Monica and Anne, Perry has the gun and shoots Monica. This leaves Perry and Anne alone and what seems safe, until Anne turns on Perry and tells him it was her who killed everyone. She confesses fully to everything and walks straight into Perry’s trap. He did not shoot Monica, he missed on purpose, and she has heard everything Anne said so she has been caught, there is a struggle between them and Anne is stabbed, leaving Perry and Monica alone, rich and waiting for the police.  Well done to the whole cast for bringing to life such a wonderful piece of drama. Susan Knights did a brilliant job playing Dora Tomb, her constant references to the garden along with her facial expressions and fear of the police were very comical and enjoyable throughout. Similarly Nigel Manson’s portrayal of Perry Potter was excellent. His scene after his car had crashed into the lake was fantastic, his attempt to change underneath a towel into dry clothes was absolutely hilarious, especially when Monica came in unexpectedly. All in all well done for The Sheringham Players, wonderful show.  Kerri Clarke
Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper
Dear Editor,
I am writing in disgust at the sheer ignorance of a dog owner walking with his partner and two dogs on the beach by the lifeboat station.  I was enjoying an afternoon in the sun with my disabled husband and two young children. I use this part of the beach as it is the only place where I can get his wheelchair down onto the sand. We were enjoying a picnic along with many other families, when this man and his dogs walked by; one of them depositing his waste products right in front of our eyes. After he finished, we waited expecting someone to pick it up but they kept on walking.

It enraged me so much that anyone could knowingly do such a thing and walk off, that I set off in hot pursuit. When I caught up with them, I asked whether or not they intended to do anything about the mess that had been left, and the answer I got back was ‘What do you expect me to do about it’. The various answers to that question came to mind, but he told me to go and dig it into the sand.

As you can imagine, I was not very happy with his answer and it ended up with him storming the 50-60 yards back and digging a hole with his heel, and hoofing the mess into the hole, so not only do we have the chance of broken bottles, tin cans, etc, but also surfacing excrement to worry about when the children are playing on the beach.

I am not a dog hater; in fact I’m very fond of them. But this sort of ignorance can only result in dog owners getting more criticism, as has been mentioned in the press frequently over the last few months. It is also a very prominent problem in the park area next to the primary school, although there are many red dog boxes around.
Yours Faithfully, Julie Humphrey
The Church of
St Peter & St Paul
Salle on Sunday
11th July at 6.00pm
Soprano: June Harrison
Retiring collection in aid of
St John’s Ambulance.
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