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We wonder if the people of Sheringham realise what people like those who work for the Sheringham Museum Trust, the Sheringham Preservation Society, Businesses, Voluntary Services and Emergency Services such as Coastguards and Lifeboatmen do for them, quietly, on a day by day, week by week basis. If it wasn't for the generosity of these people by giving their time and donating to all the good causes such as raffle prizes, vouchers, sponsors or even giving space for people to sell items on their property, less money would be raised and we would all be much worse off.

We at 'The Blue One' @Sheringham would like to say a Big Thank You. Without your continuing support many groups would not be able to exist, our town would not be as pleasant or safe to live in. We would not get the tourists coming back year after year and they are the lifeblood of this town.

Let's start the New Year on a brighter note, instead of moaning about what the shops do not offer remember what they do. Little acts of generosity do go a long way, so come on Sheringham let's congratulate the people who help us next time instead of having a moan. A thank you does matter, it makes running a business or volunteering worthwhile.

In the New Year we are hoping to run a series of articles about the 'HEROES' of Sheringham. We do not mean only the people who rush into burning buildings or go out in the bad weather to rescue people at sea. We are talking about the unsung heroes of Sheringham and there are a great many of them. You know who we mean, the lady of 75 who religiously goes to her 'elderly neighbours' to help them because they are getting old! Or the young teenager whose life is affected by illness, either their own or maybe a parent. The Coastguard, Coastwatch, Lifeboatman, Sports Coach, Teacher or Friend who is YOUR hero.

Do you know of anyone that you think is a Hero? If you do and think their story should be told, then please either telephone or write and let us know. It is the PEOPLE who make Sheringham what it is as well as the PLACE. We would love to have your stories.
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Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Community Paper
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Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Community Paper
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