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What are you going to tell us about today?

The bombing of the school in World War II.

What happened?

In the wartime, our school was up at the end of Barford Road, right near where Shannock Court is. Alongside Shannock Court, which is now Duncan Court was a yard used for the fire station. On the fire station there was a big chimny that went up, where they used to hang the hoses to dry out. When the war started in 1939, we think that the Germans thought the school was a factory of some sort. I lived in Barford Road when the bombs dropped there, that was Sunday teatime, and some bombs dropped in Cremer Street, Priory Road and Beeston Road. I suppose from an aerial view that's all around the school. Then, we were in school when we saw this ourselves, they dropped some bombs in New Road. Mrs Hall, the Postman's wife was killed.

Then I should imagine that the school authorities thought enough is enough, that's getting too close now. So what they did, the whole town was moved out to big houses and bungalows. We were sent up Abbey Road, Hilltop. Another big house round the corner was Beaumont. The girls went in the vicarage, the other side of Abbey Road, and when we had done our time at school, finishing at 14 years old, we went to a big bungalow in The Rise.

With regards to schooling, I'll be honest; I didn't learn anything, because it was a long walk for nearly everyone in Sheringham then, who lived the north side of the main road. We lived in Barford Road so we had to walk up to, I think it was Hilltop. In the mornings, especially when it was foggy, the siren would go, to declare that you're going to be bombed, and get in your shelters. Well, we had that no end of times. If the siren went off in the morning you didn't go to school. And if you went to school, and the alarm went, they had made some shelters up to try and protect you, and we sat in there, cramped, until the all clear went.

More Coming Soon
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Dear @ Sheringham

Congratulations to "Vic" on "Hear'Say" especially issue 3. He has the courage to put into words what I have been thinking for some time.

I wonder if the said mentioned will take note and do something about it.

I do hope so.
Sheringham Wrinkly
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Dear Editor

Good Old VIC. Why did they close the Post Office and transfer it to the back of Starlings? Not that I have anything against Starlings it is a wonderful shop, but I have a small child in a buggy to manoeuvre through the aisles to get to the back. It is bad in the quiet times, but come the summer and Christmas I find it extremely stressful and at times have to leave and go back later. Obviouly, no-one thought out the difficulties of access for mums and/or disabled. I now walk to the one on Cromer Road, quite a trek but the staff are great and I CAN GET IN! Sue, A disgruntled Mother

Amnesty International presents a piano recital of all Chopin's nocturnes at the Auden Theatre, Gresham's School

7:30pm Saturday 25th January

Tickets: 7.50 Concessions: 6.50
From the Box Office, Auden Theatre
Profits to Amnesty International

Soloist: Zoran Jancic, formerly Professor of Piano, Sarajevo University,

Zoran has enjoyed a great deal of success and critical acclaim from his youth up, in Sarajevo, where he lived, and also all over Europe where he performed.

He won the position of Professor of Piano at the University of Sarajevo. Then came the tragic civil war in former Yugoslavia and Zoran had to leave everything he held dear.

He asked for and eventually won asylum here in London, where he had to start all over again. We have asked him to play for us at Amnesty International partly because we feel he epitomises so much of what we are trying to prevent - the suffering of having to leave ones own country forever, in fear of ones life. And partly because we very greatly enjoy hearing him play. He has become our friend as well.
A Brayne

Sheringham Lace Makers

Sheringham Lace Makers had a display at Sheringham High Schools open evening and they were demonstrating their extraordinary skills. Visitors were invited to try their hands at Lace Making.

Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Lace Makers meet weekly during Term Time from 1pm - 4pm at St Andrews Methodist Church, Cromer Road, Sheringham.

This ancient skill is one that brings satisfaction both to the Lace Maker and the receiver of the finished product.

If you have time to spare, why not pop along and try it for yourself, you will make new friends and learn to make beautiful, practical items at the same time.
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Jam Jars for W I Ladies
St John Hall, Thursday Mornings 10 - 11.30am
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