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BAND REVIEW - Tim Jefferson
Sexed Up
Sexed Up started up last January. They're a four-piece: vocal/acoustic guitar, guitar, bass/2nd vocal and drums. It was interesting to see the acoustic guitar used so much and with some very loud numbers. This would have been impossible in my day because of feedback; this is when one frequency expands on itself uncontrollably with noisy results - an acoustic instrument is particularly prone. When I was playing, we used rifle microphones; a wonderful sound but you had to rigidly maintain your distance. Nowadays they use a piezo contact pick-up beneath the bridge and amplifiers with clever circuitry to avoid the problem. It means freedom of movement and no feedback. Something I used to dream about.
The band played what was well liked: early Bowie, Coldplay, Oasis, Stereophonics and much more. Being new to the pub when I reviewed them last May, they got the balance wrong and had to read lyrics but these things will get ironed out. I was impressed with their passion and musicianship (e.g. - five string bass). They described their stuff as 'Electric Rock'. I particularly enjoyed a track by 'The Calling' but the beefing-up of 'Caught in a Trap' by Elvis didn't really work for me. I do look forward to seeing them again.

World' Apart
A friend pulled me out to see this band and they came highly recommended. I would describe their stuff as vintage classic rock and I know that this doesn't always go down very well in every pub. There was no chance of this here at the King's Head in Letheringsett. They're a four-piece band; vocal, guitar/vocal, bass and drums. Good musicians all round but phenomenally faithful guitar solos, good vocals, great finger-style bass and drumming with perfect precision created a very pleasing blend. They did Cream, Hendrix, Free, Bad Company, Golden Ear Ring, Led Zep and a band I'd never heard of - The Four Horsemen. I can imagine this band going down a storm at biker festivals and obviously at pubs where this kind of music is established. I've realised now, after covering this band scene that people don't go to a pub to listen to music. The vast majority are there to enjoy a tribal gathering of the kind of people they like to meet. The music puts a rubber stamp on that meeting of like minds and fair enough in a world that threatens identity. I'm afraid I'm there to hopefully enjoy music well played but everyone to their own. If you like this kind of music you won't see a band better at doing it than 'World's Apart'. Well done and thank you.
A Ladies Night

Friday 25th February 7.30 - midnight
Tickets 15
Glass of Wine on Entry - Disco - Buffet
Entry into A Grand Raffle Draw
To Book Tickets please phone:
Penny 510055 or Michelle 824824
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A man is asked what his daughters look like.

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North Norfolk District Council has had success in catching dog owners who allow their pets to commit fouling offences.
And the message to owners is: ‘’We can catch you any time , any where’’.  The council has been making use of a new tool in the fight against anti-social behaviour, including dog fouling, in the form of a mobile CCTV system.  

And three 50 fixed penalty notices have been served for offences under the Dog Fouling of Land Act.  Environmental protection team leader Mark Whitmore said : ‘’The cameras were invaluable in these cases as the fouling happened in the early hours of the morning and it would have normally required significant manpower to resolve the situation’’.

The camera works when triggered by a motion sensor and footage is recorded. Video clips are then automatically e-mailed to an investigating officer.  It is then a case of reviewing the material and investigating the people and animals responsible before issuing the notices.  The camera can also be used to catch fly-tippers, particularly as it is another offence which tends to occur outside normal office hours.  The council is currently investigating funding for more CCTV equipment.

For more information contact Mark Whitmore on 01263 516206.

Hello there ! I wonder if I may ask - do you have a 'letters' page please ? I have so far been unsuccessful in tracing my old school friend from the 60's Angela Galey, or Angela Galey-Jones, who moved from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk to Sheringham in Norfolk must be some 30 odd years ago !
There is to be a reunion of the old Ipswich school, Tower Ramparts, (being arranged, incidentally, by old pupils now living in the U.S !)

I have tried various people search engines to try to find her, as I would love to see her again after all these years, but with no luck, and I wonder, if you have a letters page, if I could put a letter in it asking if she is out there somewhere to get in touch with me (if she wants to, that is !).   My name is Sandra Wright, and I now live in France - my e mail address is : and I would be very grateful for any advice you can give ! - I have looked on the web site of BT for a telephone number, but cannot remember how she used to spell her surname - Gaily, Galey, or just Galy - I think it is the middle one, but the search returned no results !  Many thanks, Sandra Wright

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