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Gardening Tips

Your fortnightly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors
Sheringham Community Paper

Container-grown Plants

Container-grown subjects are the most expensive, but the most convenient kind of plants to buy, the main advantage being that container-grown trees, shrubs or perennials can be planted out at any time of the year, provided the plant is hardy and the ground is neither frosty or waterlogged. In addition, if there is a delay in planting, container-grown plants can be left unplanted for several weeks if the soil around the roots is kept moist.

Any plant described as container -grown should have been raised from a seedling, cutting or grafted variety in a container and potted on as it becomes larger. It should not have been lifted from open ground and merely replanted into a container for sale. Examine any plant you are contemplating buying carefully. Do not necessarily buy the largest specimen you find, as older and larger plants especially trees and shrubs can be more difficult and take longer to establish than smaller younger and more vigorously growing specimens. Make sure that the plant is well established in its container by gently lifting the plant by the stem near soil level. If the soil ball moves out of the container easily, do not buy the plant.

Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

I'd just bought myself a new bikini and was keen to show it off along with my lovely tan. So a large group of my friends and I went swimming. I must admit I was showing off and wanted everyone to watch me diving in the pool. I stood on the end of the board and jumped in feet first. But when I got out of the pool all my mates were laughing at me. I then discovered I had an enormous wedgy! They remind me of that day every time we go swimming.

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Ross Murray played for the Norfolk U11 team that won the East of England championship in Scunthorpe, winning all 3 of his matches. In the natonal finals in Oldham (Lancs) Ross again excelled with 2 wins and a draw in his other game, though the rest of the Norfolk side were unable to match his performance.

Ross is already matching experienced club players and in the photo is collecting a medal for having helped the Sheringham B team to promotion from division 3 of the Norfolk county league. Remarkably at 10 years old Ross is already playing league chess and winning.  

Clockwise in the photo are treasurer Mike Birtwell; chairman and B team captain Dick Moreton; secretary and C team captain Tony Hollis; his father Scott Murray and fellow B team player Martin Burnham

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A friend of mine who does not use a computer, is eager to trace a Children’s Home where she was left when four years old. The home was in Sheringham and she can only recall it as a large Victorian type building. I suspect (the friend is a lady and she did not say when this was), that she would have been there in the 1950’s. Do you have any information/photos, or know where the home was? Many thanks in advance, regards, Kevin Lake.

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