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A Harley street doctor, Mr Edward Bach, in the 1930s created what we like to call 'The Bach Flower Remedies'. These are 38 specially prepared remedies for you to choose from. The remedies, each devised to treat a different feeling. They help you to overcome the affect of everyday life by stimulating the mind and body.

Dr Bach created a system of seven major emotional groups, all of which consist of different remedies. The seven groups are; fear, loneliness, insufficient interest in present circumstances, despondency or despair, uncertainty, over care for the welfare of others and over sensitivity to influences and ideas.

There is one particular remedy, which is Bach's utmost popular, the rescue remedy. This is a combination of the five favourites, Rock Rose, the terror, Impatiens, for impatience, Clematis, for dreaminess, Star of Bethlehem, for shock and Cherry Plum, for fear of mind. This particular bottle is for life's ups and downs. This is used by celebrities, models and by countless number of people in times of stress.
Rebecca Bush


The little cat whose owner died has finally been caught and is now safely in care. The mother cat and her four kittens have adjusted to their new situation. Two of the kittens have already left us and the other 2 have already been booked. Efforts are still being made to catch the other cat from this household.  The "kitten season" has finally arrived and at one stage recently we had 35 in care (23 of which were with Stephanie). Several of these kittens have now left us for their new homes. However, other kittens quickly took their places and we have another 14 waiting to come into care as soon as there are spaces available. 23 of these kittens will have joined us (or are waiting to come in) because their previous owners' did not get their mothers neutered and abandoned them when they moved home. Fortunately caring neighbours who had contacted us will take responsibility for the mother cats, which have all now been neutered. With several of the kittens being female, the number of unwanted cats would have soon become unmanageable.  Willow the little cat mentioned last time has now been re-homed in Sheringham and has settled very quickly into her new home. Moon and Myrtle are both still with us.

At present we have several kittens available for re-homing, some of which have had their first vaccination. These include:
* Jess, Sway, Reggie and Ronnie - all Black and White
* Memphis and Ella - both tortie and white
* Sisters Katie (tortie) and Velvet (black) - ideally we would like to re-home these two together.
All kittens over 9 weeks old will have had their first vaccination before leaving us and will leave with a voucher to cover the cost of the second injection. This, together with the promise new owners sign on our "Homing Form" to have the kitten neutered, gives the kittens we re-home a good start in life.

When people find sick or injured cats they are often unsure what they should do and contact us. As we do not have the necessary expertise to deal with the problem we advise people to contact their local vet, and they will be able to advise or help them. Unfortunately, this very often happens "out of hours". Veterinary practices do however offer an emergency service and on calling them you will be given a number to ring to enable you to contact the vet on call. We recently received a call from a gentleman on a Sunday afternoon who was very concerned about a cat that he believed may have been in an accident. We were able to advise him how to proceed and he was able to take the cat in question to the vet on emergency duty, (although this was not his local vet). The cat was taken into care to receive appropriate treatment and will be handed over to the RSPCA if its owner does not come forward.

If you are looking for a cat or kitten, call Stephanie on 01692 535858.

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Many thanks to everyone who has replied to my previous letters about traditional music making in Norfolk. I am still very eager to hear from anyone who has information about the music and dancing that went on in pubs and village halls across the county, in particular in the North Norfolk area. The coastal areas around Wells, Sheringham and Cromer were lively places for nights of singing, music making and step dancing in the pubs and other social places, and this spread far inland. I am very interested in people's reminiscences in these nights of music, and the musicians, singers and dancers who took part.

In particular, I am very keen to hear from anyone who remembers Briston musicians Arthur "Artie" Wright, who played the concertina and Herbert Remmington who made and played various instruments, including fiddle and dulcimer.

Yours, Chris Holderness
Rig-A-Jig-Jig: A Norfolk Music History Project
18 Providence Place
Melton Constable
NR24 2HZ
01263 861799

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