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Please allow me to comment on an article, which appeared in your paper last week.  As Jools MacLeod is Chairman of the Chamber of Trade it is only to be expected that the opinion of such a person is bound to be biased towards her members.

I am firmly of the opinion that any shop in Sheringham that gives good service at a reasonable price i.e. Icarus Hines the butcher, has absolutely nothing to fear. Also a bit of old fashioned courtesy would perhaps ease the pain of such exorbitant pricing in certain stores!

On the odd occasion when I have had the misfortune to queue in a local store at the height of the season I have overheard such comments as ‘’quaint it may be, but I couldn’t afford to live here, the prices are too high.’’ Yet the poor, the frail, people with no means of transport to shop elsewhere, have absolutely no alternative other than to ‘’grin and bear it’’ is this fair? Is it just? I think not.

If the pricing, and service, in our local stores were vastly to improve maybe I would be prepared to revise my opinion but whilst shoppers in our Town are being excessively charged compared with similar shops less than 5 miles away, I say let Tesco come and then sit back and watch what happens to the prices! An interesting exercise do you not agree!
Yours faithfully
R Clark.


We have found to our horror, yet another way in which Tesco are progressing with their mission to "take over the world"!
Very regrettably, as they have recently bought out the Village shop in Taverham, we were forced recentlly, to call in for supplies for our Water Ski Club.

Whilst we were there, we bought our lottery tickets and were suprprised to find them produced in the style of a till receipt. It transpired that these "tickets" are only redeemable at a Tesco outlet - should we be lucky enough to win. The cashier was proud to tell us that Tesco is the only retailer to have this facility.

Another nail in the coffin of the village shop and other small retail outlets.  And yet another way of forcing you into Tesco!

Peter Fitch

Hare and Hounds in Hempstead, advert  Advert for Wiveton Fruit farm, Norfolk


The Haunted Weekend Team were joined by special guest "Mr Magic", Mike Cronin from Cardiff who did a breathtaking hair reading.   International Medium Shirley Cimelli did an evening of Clairvoyance.  It was a huge success with nothing but positive comments flowing during the evening.  Look for more events on their web site or telephone 01263 722391.
By Jacky Regis & Vikki Jay

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