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On arriving home from work recently, Stephanie, checked the answer phone for messages, as usual.  There were several messages from one gentleman asking her to contact him as three little kittens had been abandoned in a cardboard box at North Walsham Council Tip?   Meanwhile, the kittens had been taken to the vets in North Walsham and they contacted us to see if we had room for them.  Fortunately, we did have a spare kitten pen and confirmed we could take them.  On collecting them from the vets we were advised they "were full of fleas" and had already been sprayed.  They had very fat tummies, which indicated to us that they would also need to be wormed.  On closer examination of their coats by one of our veterinary friends it was obvious to her that they also had lice, already taken care of with the flea spray.  She agreed with us that with their sharp features and large ears they could have some "oriental connections".  We have called these very affectionate little kittens Tang, Pixie and Perdita and they are now making slow progress.  We have however realised that their fat tummies were not just the result of worms, but also indicated they were suffering from malnutrition.  With regular meals, Perdita has already regained her figure and Pixie and Tang are looking much slimmer.  Their coats are also becoming thicker and they are now learning to play.  With all the loving care they are receiving we believe they will now all survive and in due course be looking for new caring homes.  Unfortunately, the mother cat would also need treatment for fleas, lice and worms, and if living in a house, this would also need to be treated.  We can only hope she gets the treatment she deserves.

We often receive calls from people asking us to "come and get the feral cat which is living in my garden".  Unfortunately we are unable to help in these circumstances.  To confine a feral cat in one of our pens would not only be traumatic for them, but also very cruel.  They are used to having their freedom and have not had sufficient contact with people to be able to trust us.  We can however offer to lend traps to catch the cats so that they can be neutered and will give assistance with the cost of this.  However, kittens from a feral environment can be socialised providing they are not too old when they come to us. About 6 weeks old is best, or as soon as they are able to eat food and not rely on mum.  Although we have had older kittens they generally take a long while to learn to trust us, although some never do and need to be found homes on farms or in stables.

Paws, one of the kittens mentioned last time has now been re-homed as have two of our long term residents, Myrtle and Moon, who have gone to their new home together.  Nasher and Snatch, are still waiting to be chosen, as are the following kittens who have also needed time to learn to trust us:
* Angelica - a sweet little black girl now nearly 5 months old. Angelica was the friendliest of the 10 kittens that joined us in July from an outside situation and I am surprised she has not already been chosen.
* Minka - another lovely black girl from the same litter as Angelica.
* Charlotte - yet another pretty little black sister to the above kittens.
* Chaz - brother to the above, a dear little black boy with just a little white on his chest.  Chaz, too is waiting for someone to offer him a home.

These lovely kittens are the only ones still with us.  All the kittens, together with their mothers had been living on the roof of someone's carport.  The mother cats have now all been neutered and are learning to trust the people who are feeding them.  All four kittens are now friendly and love to be stroked and groomed.

If you are looking for a cat or kitten, call Stephanie on 01692 535858.   Alternatively you can visit for a description of the cats before giving her a call on the above number.

Christmas Sale in aid of North Walsham & District Branch of Cats Protection - 12th November at the St Benets Hall, North Walsham 9.30am - 12.30pm. Cats Protection Goods, Hand- made Goods and Gifts, Bric-a-Brac, Tombola, Books, Raffle, etc.   Refreshments also available (including hot sausage rolls and mince pies)

"Alley Cats" Night Out - 26th November at North Walsham Community Centre - 8pm to 1am. Music from Highways, Rawedge, Longshore - Bar to Midnight, Raffle - Tickets 5 (or 5.50 on the door) available from Saffrom, Reload and Zelleys Jewellers or phone 07768325540 or 01692 535858.  Proceeds in aid of North Walsham & District Branch of Cats Protection

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Pretty corner woods are a fantastic place to walk and is home to many forms of wildlife.  Over the coming months we are planning to carry out some thinning and felling work in the woods to help encourage some of the trees to grow and also to enable us to plant more native broadleaved species which will help to enhance the wildlife.

Most of the work will be carried out in four sections as shown on the map.  Section 1 is to be cleared of most of its conifer trees so that a viewpoint from the top of the hill can be opened up and native broadleaved trees can be planted.  A few of the character trees will be retained as they have interesting shapes and provide the most homes for wildlife.  Sections 2 and 3 are to be line thinned.  This means that 2 out of each 8 rows of trees will be removed.  This enables more light to penetrate the canopy and encourages the remaining trees to grow.  The 'lines' will mostly be cut in curves so that it is less noticeable on the landscape.  Section 4 is to be selectively thinned.  Some of the conifer trees are to be removed to give the native broadleaves more room to grow.

Whilst the operations are being carried out sections of the woods may be closed for short periods of time and the bottom car park will be closed.  We hope that this does not inconvenience you too much.  There will be machinery in the woods so please follow the instructions on any signs and if you do accidentally find yourself in an area of activity, make sure that the operator knows that you are there.

After the felling is complete we hope to invite you to plant new native broadleaf trees and we plan to open a new waymarked trail with the help of the Woodland Trust.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact the Site Management Ranger on: 01263 516298

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