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Sheringham Community Paper Cook's Corner

Your fortnightly recipe to
tantalise your taste buds


11/2lb /750g minced beef.
2 large onions
4 small tomatoes
2level dessertspoons finely chopped parsley
1 level teaspoon marjoram
3 tablespoons oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Skin and very finely chop the onions.  Drop the tomatoes into boiling water, leave until the skins split.  Peel the tomatoes and chop them roughly.  Mix the onion, tomato, parsley, marjoram, salt and pepper into the minced beef with your hands, squeezing the mixture to form a sticky mass.  Form the mixture into sausage shapes around kebab skewers, pressing the mixture well round the skewers.  Arrange the skewers on a plate, brush them well with the oil and leave for 1 hour, turning them and brushing with the oil occasionally. Arrange the skewers on the grid of a grill pan and grill under a medium heat for about 10 minutes, turning them frequently.  Serve with salad, and new potatoes.

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REMEMBERING RUBY HUNT. 1903 - 1993 By Anne Lawson

I gleaned bits of Ruby's life from her when we sat painting together in her studio.  She told us her Father and his brother came from London and was mocked by the local lads for their London clothes.  Their Father provided the money for them to set up two shops.  Her Father (Albert) provided the working man with all he needed, clothes, overalls, boots and shoes and was known as 'Little Hunts'.  His brother (Walter) took a different branch of the trade providing for the more discerning and affluent people - that shop still carries on having more direct descendants (Big Hunts).  Ruby was the last to look after her Father's shop.  Her Father had three children, Cyril, Ruby and Leslie. Cyril had 2 sons.  One, Robert, is anaesthetist in a Midlands hospital and the other, Richard, took over his Father's Radio business - but eventually moved to the west of Norfolk.  He now has a shop in Wells.   Cyril was very clever with Radio - I believe she told us that he was called up at the beginning of the war, 1939, and was stationed in Orkney or the Shetlands to do radio work.  Ruby was also called up to work in a hospital on the south coast, looking after the various ailments of the young soldiers, which relieved the nurses to look after any battle casualties.  Ruby enjoyed her time there until she was called home to run the shop.  Her father was either ill or had died.  Ruby's Mother had helped to look after soldiers in the 1914 -18 war, which would have been an example to young Ruby who joined the Red Cross as soon as she was able.  She told us about one competition prize they won which was to go around the hospital with the Matron.  Between the wars Ruby worked in the shop in Church Street.  She drove the shop van around the local villages, taking orders and carrying boots and shoes and a range of goods for all the family.  She got to know all the local roads and tracks.  All of this was very useful when she and her brother Leslie drove the local ambulance day or night.  One time when she was making the weekly call to the Weybourne windmill she found the kitchen curtains on fire.  She reckoned she saved the Mill by pulling them down.
Part 2 continued next issue.

A new website dedicated to promoting the music scene in Norfolk. The main objective of the site is to show a gig list that is up to date. Visitors instantly see the next gig in the area. There are many bonuses for bands and venues, setting up an account is free, instant and automatic. There's a facility for people to buy and sell equipment, find musicians and bands. It's totally free to use and add to. I make no money from the site (in fact it costs to keep it live). The site is focused at the triangle that keeps the entertainment scene going; Bands, Venues and Audience. I have plans to extend the site further and I'd like to make a comprehensive directory of Norfolk bands past and present so any help on this would be appreciated via our website contact form. Any other ideas are gratefully received and will be considered. We're also looking for reviews of gigs and even photos from major local musical events. Wayne Beauchamp

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