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The town of Sheringham is the only community in the world to possess four of its original lifeboats.  Together they present a nationally important record of the design and development of lifeboats from the old days of the 'pulling and sailing' lifeboat to the first motorised boat to serve the community.   They also tell a more stirring tale of the courage and bravery of the men who would risk their lives to save unknown mariners and the families who never knew whether they would return.    Three of these lifeboats are now being assembled in a single location - along with four fishing boats and social history artefacts from the towns museum,  to create a historical and educational focus for the town's population and many tourists who visit the region each year.

The Foresters Centenary was the town's first motorised lifeboat, operating between 1936 - 1961.  She was credited with saving more airmen during World War 2 than any other lifeboat and given the accolade of 'The Airmen's Lifeboat'.  The Foresters was bought and restored with the aid of grants from the Science Museum'' PRISM fund and local organisations.

The J.C. Madge, Sheringham's last pulling and sailing lifeboat and the only 41 ft Liverpool type ever built served the town for 32 years. Bought by the Sheringham Museum Trust, who spent 32,000 to restore her, she is included on the National Register of Historic Vessels of the United Kingdom.

The Mo is a unique historical project and being an independent Museum it receives no financial assistance from the District or County Councils and has to raise the balance of the funds over and above the Lottery Grant.  The Sheringham Museum Trust are apealing to individuals, businesses and other organisations who would like to be associated with it and all sponsors names will be on permanent display in the museum.   

If you require more details please contact the Chairman, David Brown on 01263 823464

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