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Gardening Tips

Your monthly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors


There's nothing as welcome as a vine-covered arch over a front gate or a delicate rambler twining its way in and around window shutters to display its perfumed flowers to perfection.  In these and other subtle ways climbers play an important role in the overall garden landscape.  By their very nature climbers set out to reach the high spots where there's less competition for light.  Some are suited to providing a focal point in a small garden, or in a tight spot as they need very little ground or wall space, other more adventurous types will sprawl over a garden shed, camouflaging it in no time.  Climbers come mainly from temperate or tropical forests where competition has forced them to evolve various means of ensuring their lax stems reach the light that is essential for manufacturing food.  These modifications allow some vines to twine around a post while others have thorns or hooks, tendrils, sucker discs even aerial roots to reach out for an anchorage on supporting plants.  The most common climbing mechanism is simply for a vine to twine.  Plants with thread-like tendrils such as sweet peas or the wonderful range of clematis need fine supports to allow the slender, modified leaf parts to grip.  Those with sucker pads are ideal for solid masonary walls, although their position should be chosen with care as the pads will leave unsightly marks on the masonry should they ever need to be removed.


Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

I was in the golf shop comparing different kinds of golf balls.  I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using.  After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works there. He asked if he could help me.  Without thinking,I looked at him and said, "I think I like playing with men's balls."  Everyone in the shop had a good snigger!

Dear Editor,
I am writing in regard to the cutting of bus services to West Beckham.  I feel it is important that the local community know the efforts that have gone into trying to keep this service alive.  The Parish Council was informed on 13th March that the bus service will terminate on 1st April.  This left very little time for anyone to protest.  Perhaps this was the idea.  Having written to Charles Sanders twice and also the Norfolk County Council, I feel that we need to keep putting pressure on the Council and Sanders to reconsider their decisions.  A petition calling for the Council to subsidise the services is underway.  In future, it seems that children, the elderly, and disabled will be expected to take their lives in their hands as they cross the A148 at the busy junction of Sheringham Park, (where incidentally 80,000 people a year visit) to catch a bus.  Highways Department will not reduce the speed on this road but they have come up with a sign saying "THINK".  Maybe its time the County Council should start "thinking" about the vulnerable people in rural areas who will be affected by the loss of these valuable services.

Anthea Sweeney
North Norfolk District Councillor (Liberal Democrat)
Chaucer Ward
Gable End
Sheringham Road
West Beckham
NR25 6PE


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