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Gardening Tips

Your monthly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors


Growing vegetables can be an extremely labour-intensive undertaking, and before you spend time and effort creating a special area for vegetables, you should carefully consider if this is really necessary or if you will be able to find the time and energy needed for its upkeep in the future.  If only a very small amount of home produce is required or if space in the garden is strictly limited, some crops can be grown quite successfully in containers or in a variety of positions in the garden.   Tomatoes and cucumbers can be grown against a sunny wall, for example, or crops that can be easily picked, cut off at ground level or simply pulled up without causing undue root disturbance to their neighbours can be grown among ornamental plants in existing beds.  Lettuces for example, can be grown between flowers or as edging plants.  If the demands of maintenance allow and a large amount of produce is wanted, an area should be set aside for vegetables alone.  A vegetable plot is best situated in a sunny position at the end of the garden, furthest from the house, where it can be hidden from view, if desired, by screening plants such as rambling or climbing roses supported on pillars.  However, even in a large garden where a great deal of space may be available, it is best to limit the size of the vegetable plot to ensure easy management rather than growing crops in conventional rows, it is better to divide the plot into blocks, separated by hard paths.  This reduces the work involved in tending the plants, and the improved access makes it unnecessary to step on the bed between plants, which can compact the soil and hinder root growth.  The ground must be cleared of all weeds, deeply dug over and improved by the addition of well-rotted, humus-making organic matter, such as good garden compost, well-decayed farmyard manure or spent mushroom compost.  Once the initial cultivation has been carried out, all that is required is the annual application and raking in of additional organic matter to keep the soil rich and in good condition.  As long as the soil is not frequently walked on so that it becomes compacted, no further heavy digging will be required.


Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

It was the late 1960s and the miniskirt was at its height - in more ways than one.  I was 19 and had the figure to go with the look of the time.  On my way to work one rainy morning I wore a raincoat over my miniskirt - which was made of synthetic material.  When I arrived at work all the men let out a big cheer. I looked down and saw that during the bus journey, my skirt (already short) had risen up all the way and was now around my waist!!!


Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, has confirmed a meeting for an all party group of Norfolk MPs with Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt to discuss the financial situation at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust. The meeting will take place on 10 May, and all of Norfolk's MPs have been invited to attend.

"The situation at the Norfolk & Norwich remains very serious," says Mr Lamb.   "Hundreds of jobs and patient care are at steak.  It is very important that the Health Secretary fully understands the seriousness of the situation which the hospital is in."

The Strategic Health Authority has recently confirmed that so-called 'smoothing payments', which are used to account for increased costs of PFI hospitals, will continue for 2006/07 although no commitment has been given for further years.  Norman Lamb and Ian Gibson wrote to Patricia Hewitt calling for a meeting.  So far Richard Bacon MP and Henry Bellingham MP have also agreed to attend.


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