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Norfolk's Constantia Cottage Restaurant was the setting for prime time BBC Television series 'The Best Of Friends' last Friday. The 15 strong crew visited the North Norfolk Village of East Runton for one of their surprise stunts.  Four hours of intense filming featured a self-penned tune by The Constantia Brothers and a Syrtaki dance by their sister Maria.  The Brothers proved to be a smash hit in more ways than one with a spectacular finale of traditional Greek plate smashing.

Cromer's singing brothers will be screened on BBC1, BBC2 and Sky channels in September.   The programme will also cover Cromer crab dressing courtesy of Richard and Julie Davies in Cromer, caught by the shop's own boat.

The Constantia Brothers were thrown back into the International Television spotlight last month with a major TV documentary that was screened world-wide via the PIK Channel in Cyprus.

A spin off was inevitable when a 'Best Of Friends' researcher visited the brothers a week later to plan filming.  "It's so strange that we are getting a sudden influx of publicity" said Andreas. "Entertainment is such an unpredictable area.  We thought we had decided to take a back seat to concentrate on song writing a few years ago but we are still very much in demand as a performing outfit".  The Brothers have had a spate of successful appearances and song releases over the years including backing tracks for the Athens Olympics that were aired by the BBC during the games.

A string of projects are now planned throughout 2006 as East Runtons' irrepressible entertainment's phenomenon continues to move forward.

From left to right - Yaz Yiasimi / Constantia Brothers - (Middle) Rani, Best of Friends presenter and Michael Yiasimi - Right is Andreas Yiasimi / Constantia Brothers.
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I simply had to cover this event as the High School and many youngsters had made such a terrific effort.  Four bands played and the results were interesting to say the least.  First on were a band called The Promise Mountain (   A band together for only three months they were: Harry Cowper Johnson Guitar 1 /Vocal; Bod Higgs Guitar 2/Vocal; Harry Smith /Bass. Sorry Drummer I didn't catch your name. Their sound was immediate (as was true of all the bands).  I'm not sure about this current trend of shouting down the microphone in a primeval way simply because it just ruins the texture of the musicianship beneath.  My doubts were confirmed later!   Despite that I could hear on occasion well-organised harmony and structure.   The product of a good musical mind.  They describe their stuff as Pop Punk.   It was.

Next on were a band called This is colour.  I'm afraid they could have chosen a better name.  The vocal completely ruined any texture of the backing musicianship.   So much so that I simply can't comment on it because I couldn't hear it.   These lads hail from Bury St. Edmunds and have certainly gigged and they didn't lack passion.  Unfortunately people voted with their feet and left the hall, reassuring me that I hadn't suddenly lost my ability for rational musical appraisal.   I have to say that unbridled creativity has to be tempered with common sense.   Walking the tightrope between the two has plaged creative artists for centuries. When I was a performing musician if I didn't have food on the plate I knew I was getting it wrong.  I think this band has a lot to learn but I think in time, they'll learn it.  They have an MCD (a bit like an album) I'm sure the balance is better.   They described their stuff as melodic metal.  I wouldn't.

Next came Spot.  How they managed to get this band to play, I don't know.  They are a class act and have backed many famous bands (Feeder for example) and have a very large following in their own right.  It's justified.  Their sound as they say is 'AC/DC meets Greenday'.  I'd say that's fair but would add 'Classy West Coast' and I mean class.  Their vocal harmonies and clever use of interplay between instruments created a rich blend of dynamics.  A band you must see ( take a look at their website and see them at Somerleyton Hall between the 21st and 23rd July (Eastern Haze).  They went down well. Their new album 'Surfing on the Dead Sea' will be well worth a look.  Good luck in your career Spot.

Last on: The Royals.  I've seen these boys before.  If they can drop the screaming, their sound will be lifted as I've often told them.  They are Harry Cowper Johnson Guitar/Vocal 2; Eddie Griffiths Bass/Vocal 1 and Will Smith on Drums.  They did well. The engine room of the band is the creative and intelligent guitar of Harry Cowper Johnson and the well-measured support of the Bass and Drums creates the right Dynamic.  This band will move on, evolve and learn.  An exciting potential here.   I wish them well.  Check them out: They have a second EP out. It's intelligent.  They describe their stuff as 'Hard-Core Punk Rock' and it was true to that label.

My hat's off to the teachers on duty that night.  They give all after a long day at school and one had five hours marking to do when she got home.  They deserve our thanks and respect.
Tim Jefferson

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