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Deer Editor
I wanted to write a letter concerning the opening of the crossing on Holway Road by Norman Lamb MP and the Parents' Action Group on Friday the 14th April.  I know the parents have worked closely with the school for a period of two years to get a crossing on this dangerous and fast road.  It received support from all parties but I doubt if it would ever have become a reality without the support of Norman Lamb.

Last Friday the parents asked for Norman to cut an opening tape to celebrate this achievement and highlight the presence of this valuable new crossing.  Unfortunately the celebratory moment was ruined by the foolish actions of a misguided, ill-informed and bad mannered protester who, proceeded to yell continuously, at the top of his voice, his opposition to Post Office Closures and to misguidedly point the finger of blame at Mr Lamb.

I am all for free speech but is this fool aware that his protest frightened the children, ruined what was meant to be a celebration and not a political event and furthermore was wrong in fact and detail.  See Post Office article, issue 61, page 11. 
I believe this man has attempted to put himself forward as a Labour party candidate at the local council elections.  I hope someone well connected with the Labour party gives 'Citizen Smith' a few hints and tips about effective protest, as he does not want to further embarrass his chosen political party, make a fool of himself, or frighten children with this kind of behaviour again.
Yours sincerely
A Concerned Onlooker

Dear Editor
Are all politicians 'chameleons'?  We have a Liberal Democrat MP who is 'blue' when talking to Conservatives, 'red' when talking to Labour supporters, 'green' when talking to the Green Party but 'yellow' amongst his friends.  We have a Labour Prime Minister who was elected as a 'red', went 'blue' to attract the middle class voter, attached himself to 'yellow' to gain power in Scotland and pretended to be 'green' at Kyoto but hasn't achieved what he promised.  Oh dear.
Yours faithfully
Hugh Mullins

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