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On 1st October 2006, three mad fools (pictured left to right - Jacki, Maureen and Jayne) who are involved with the Beaver section of Sheringham & Beeston Regis Scout Group will be undertaking a parachute jump at Old Buckenham Airfield to raise money for Sheringham Primary School and the Scout Group.  Five teachers have been gently persuaded to join us and will be raising money for the school and their own choice of charity.

The idea is half of what we raise goes to the Scouts and half to the school - we've yet to agree with the school what specific item we're raising money for but we decided not to let this get in the way of our fundraising drive.

We'll be free-falling (each of us strapped to an instructor) from at least 10,000 feet for 30 seconds or so, we're told at 120 mph (though this seems unimaginably fast!!) before the chute is deployed and we coast in for a hopefully soft landing.  If you see us about town afterwards in plaster casts you'll know it didn't go to plan!!

We've already been out and about getting sponsorship and posters displayed. Sheringham Plus, Dawn Fresh and Whistlestop are kindly holding sponsor forms should you wish to sponsor us - just walk on in, fill in your details and we'll be round after the event to collect the readies, hopefully without the aid of crutches!  We're aiming to have other locations for sponsor forms - wherever there's a poster which says "sponsor us here".

In addition we're setting up an account at Barclays to accept donations as this might be more convenient for some of our supporters - call us or Sheringham Plus for details. If you have any questions please contact one of us as detailed below.
Jacki Maw (01263 822323), Maureen Haslam (01263 821317), Jayne Burghall (01263 825644)

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