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Gardening Tips

Your monthly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors

Although there is often a spell of warm weather in mid October, there can be no escaping the fact that autumn has arrived.  The days are already shorter than the nights and becoming shorter still, the sun is lower in the sky and declining in strength and the main floral display is over, for a short time, however, gardens containing well-chosen trees and shrubs provide perhaps the most spectacular display of the year as the foliage develops its vivid autumn colours in a wide range and combination of reds, yellows and golds.  The spectacle, however brilliant, does not usually last very long.  Before the month is over there are likely to be gale-force winds which whip off the leaves and scatter them about the garden.  One of the most important October tasks is to gather them up and put them to use by stacking them or adding them to the compost heap, if left ungathered, they may clog drains, smother small plants especially choice alpines and cause them to rot, encourage worms on lawns, and become a real danger on paths and steps when autumn rains turn them wet and slippery.  The latter part of October often brings dense cloud and long periods of heavy rain, which may saturate the ground and lead to flooding.  If the sky clears there is the likelihood of a sharp frost, making the soil hard with ice.  It is best to seize every chance of digging vacant ground as early as possible when the weather is fine and the soil is in a favourable condition.  The reason is not only that the task will be easier and more agreeable but that soil dug early in autumn receives the benefit of maximum exposure to wintry conditions.


Having always had a leaning towards alternatives I finally got the opportunity to learn my skills in my 40s, so I have quite a few years experience.  I came to each modality as it insinuated itself in my mind and I just had to find out what it was all about.  I was a Reiki practitioner for 10 years before I felt the need to train as a Master, so that I am now able to pass on this most wonderful of therapies to anyone who wishes to have healing in their hands, which can be used any time, any place, anywhere.  It works on humans, animals, plants, situations, etc. etc. it could be you never have to visit the doctor again!

Speaking of which, Bach Flower Remedies are pure magic.  A few drops of the correctly diagnosed remedy, based on emotions, not the disease and miracles can happen - and all for a very modest sum.

Reflexology is great to ease those aches and pains of daily living, be they niggling backaches or the ever-present arthritic pain.  These can be eased with great effect and regular treatments can really help to lessen any pain and keep it at bay for a few days, or longer, depending on the severity or longevity of the complaint.  Basically, Reflexology boosts the immune system so that if all the body is working better then there is energy to spare to help with a particular problem. It is a get well, keep well therapy, so it is great for mum's before and after childbirth.

All treatments are wholistic, as a Nutritionist dietary help is also to hand. A smile costs nothing. You have to give one away to make to make it worth something.  See my advert on page 15.


Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

After a clear out at home I had a stack of binliners and waltzed them off to the charity shop.  Only what I didn't realise was that the bin of rubbish destined for the dustbin was amongst them.  The woman at the charity shop took the bags off me and a few minutes later I heard her gasp.  She must have thought I had left the shop but in fact I was having a browse (I do this, get rid of stuff and then buy more!)  I heard her exclaim, "Can you believe the things some people bring here!"   I turned to see she had tipped up the bag which was full of broken toys, an unravelled jumper, tatty underwear, the dog's towel and others too numerous to mention!


Are you over 65 and looking to broaden your social circle and shair your hobbies and interests with others from the comfort of your home?  Then Teleclub is here for you.  Teleclub is a joint initiative between Age Concern and Norfolk County Council that aims to bring older people together for entertainment and support.
Teleclub is mainly a telephone-based service that offers:
* Up to three-weekly calls from the club to discuss any topic of your choosing
* Chaired phone-in 'coffee morning' discussions
* A contacts service putting you directly in touch with others with similar interests

Teleclub also offers:
* Birthday and Christmas cards
* A quarterly postcard
* A quarterly newsletter

Coming soon....
As the Teleclub grows, we also plan to expand the service into:
* A web site with internet chat rooms dedicated to members' interests
* An e-pals service, where members are put in touch with new friends
* Introductory IT training for older people.

Membership is 10 per quarter - we also offer a 'holiday cover' service. For an application form and further information please contact:
Isobel Smith on 01263 823703

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