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Sheringham Community PaperHello my little Sheringhamites.  And here we are again, another month gone, and soon, if not already by the time this is published, the clocks will go back.  If only we could do that in real time.  It's the only way; after all, that I would have all my teeth, hair and staggering good looks that seemed to have waned oh so many years ago.  Never mind though eh?  We have to look to the bright side.  And in all fairness Sheringham did again this year rather well in the Sheringham in bloom competition. Oh yes that little band of merry horticulturists did us proud.  Of course I use the word "merry" very loosely.  That does not of course imply that they were in fact merry in the intoxicated sense, but after receiving the prestigious Silver award who could have blamed them for indulging in a small tipple or three.  Though fair it is said that it could be argued that one or two creators may just have had the odd indulgence when it came to the decision making as to where some of the above said displays were actually positioned. But that's old hat now.  And good on them souls who dedicated so much of their hard earned free time to this noble project.  Which does in the long run benefit us all.  I shudder to think where the dreaded little litter louts would discard all those fast food wrappings, plastic bags, fag butts and discarded used lottery scratch cards, had the large flora pots outside the old post offices not have been there.   I guess it keeps our new road sweeper man busy.  Certainly every time I have seen him, from before eight in the morning sometimes, he's always been seen to be doing a grand job with that little extended grabber gadget of his.  It's so nice to see someone actually out on the beat.  And talking of which, it is no longer that a rarity, to have seen a patrolling bobby or two, if you include the community officers that plod alongside as well.  Still it all adds to the reassurance of the community that the authorities do care after all.  Oh well it all helps to fill the coffers, the till ringing and bringing in the cash, after all you've got to get it where you can even if it does mean getting Tesco's (ALLEDGEDLY) to sell your books for you Ms Mildmay.   Let me see now, I think that Tesco's currently have 1200 stores or thereabouts world-wide, even if each store stocked a couple of copies of this literature, it still amounts to quite a tidy sum let alone any fortunate multi-sales.  Oh the power of commerce!  But then again this is the stuff of every good book isn't it. i.e. taking on the oppressor, add some sexy intrigue, gossip and little credence, throw in a touch hypocrisy and personal gain and hey presto you have the building blocks of a best seller.   Or the every day live of a politician.  One or the two.  It makes it sound rather depressing.  I think I might just run off and join the Norwich foreign union legion in India.

Now to change the subject it was drawn to my attention last year of how bad the school run had become.  To tell you the truth I was going to have a look for myself but in all honesty I'd forgotten about it until I was reminded about it the other day so I did go and have a look for myself needless to say.  Here we are a good half way through the autumn term and as ever there is still as much abject chaos on the trip to either school.   But the primary one is particularly odious.  In fact both schools have no proper dropping off point or turn round facility that could facilitate neither car nor bus.  Both schools have been built with none or very little thought for the motorist or for the safe disembarkation of children.  At the primary school, particularly the small infants, there is no regime in place that could warrant a staggered dropping off opportunity.  So that at the end of the day all those hundred or so tiny tots' parents who have to bring the little darlings by car have to disembark wherever they can.   There is facility for around ten or so cars near the entrance, but this is woefully inadequate.  Hence the scramble to try and stop and then, even more problematic is the gauntlet of the attempted turn around, as there is no through road.  Add all that to waves of on coming traffic, coaches in the school grounds and hoards of pedestrians it is hardly any wonder that homeowners and parents alike have their patience tried from time to time.  And I trust the new measures of the proposed addition of double yellow lines along the school boundary will, I'm afraid only add the madness.  Who's to blame?  Well many factors spring to my mind.  Firstly the planners who decided to design a school building with no thought for vehicular access and management.  The same body for allowing so many domestic dwellings at such a close proximity with same said problem.  No through road giving rise to visitors having to turn round in the cul-de-sac.  (Not viable when the world and his wife want to at the same time and thirdly, for safety reasons the school won't allow any early supervision of children before school time starts.  This only exacerbates the volume of traffic that is left static at the crucial time.  In fact I would go as far to say, that at the start of the school day, Pegg Road and feeding tributaries, resemble the aftermath of a tsunami.   With what looks like abandoned vehicles left at ever-conceivable angles on and off the road, all be it for around 20 minutes or so.  But very frustrating none the less for those that have to live there or even dare to try and get their cars off their own drives to go to work.  I guess the way to avoid all that hassle is to take the kids on holidays during term times.  After all who can afford those holiday hiked prices during the holidays?  Oh well on that note I'd better go for a short sabbatical myself.  So with that I'll bid you farewell till next time with the aftermath of Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night and the start to the Xmas countdown.  Good luck to us all Gord bless us every one!  Take care now Vic

PS. R.I.P. to our very special friend Pete.  Sadly missed but not forgotten.   Always in out thoughts.  God bless.  Vic.

proudly present
a Celebration & Remembrance Concert
at The Pavilion Theatre Cromer Pier
on Saturday 11th November
7.30 - 9.30pm (with interval)

Sheringham Salvation Army Band (with Special Guests)
Salvation Army Anglia Youth Choir
Daniel Beattie (Euphonium Soloist) &
Maurice Philips (Entertainer)
Tickets 8.50 (each) [7.00 concessions]
Available from the Cromer Pier Box Office 01263 512495
Paul Winterbourne 01263 822373 or
Stephen Scott-Fawcett 01263 710753
Proceeds in aid of the proposed new Sheringham Salvation Army Building and Rotary Charities


On Satterday 28th October from 10 to 11am the wives group are holding a Jumble and nearly new sale.  There will also be a cake stall and light refreshments will also be available.  On Saturday 4th November from 10am to 12noon St Andrews will be holding their annual Table Top Sale featuring many different craft stalls where you will be able to buy Christmas gifts / cards and crafts.  There are still a limited number of tables available at 5 per table.  Anyone interested should contact Anne Barker on 01263 824887.  All proceeds from this event will go towards purchasing flowers for next years flower festival.

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