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Re Full Name Withhelds's letter in @Sheringham 29/9/06 issue which points out that Tesco are currently selling my first novel 'Lucker and Tiffany Peel Out' - I have a couple of points to make.  It is clear that Full Name Withheld's letter is meant to make me out as some sort of hypocrite - anti-Tesco, but selling my book in Tesco.  No joy there I'm afraid, as I only just found this out for myself.  As far as I am concerned my integrity on that front is as solid as a rock as I didn't give Tesco my permission or blessing to sell it.  Full Name Withheld should know that book wholesalers distribute wherever they please, to whoever they please, it is a process totally BEYOND MY CONTROL!  Personally I'd rather eat leaves than sell my book though Tesco and with the pittance that they pay their suppliers (of all goods from books to carrots) - I might have to!  Full Name Withheld might also be interested to know that I have written to Tesco in the strongest possible terms to let them know that I don't want my book sold in their stores, on-line or otherwise and to take it off their shelves forthwith.  I await their answer with interest.
Eroica Mildmay
PS. A quick well done though to Full Name Withheld, an "avid fan of shopping on-line" for all the reasons she espouses, helping the environment, reducing car use and traffic congestion.  Just goes to show that if on-line shopping is such a hit that we really don't need a huge superstore built in Sheringham (which would cause all the problems she mentions) after all.



The first inter-club competition of the club year was held on September 27th when NNCC took part in a three-way battle with Norwich and Dereham.  The term 'battle' belies the fact that this was a very friendly evening with Dereham taking the honours.
The subject for the club's summer cup project is The Seashore and these pictures will be judged on Wednesday October 11th. Four prints from each member can be presented which ought to produce a tremendously varied display with, presumably, plenty of local interest.   The judge will comment on each individual picture before scoring the group as a whole.  Lots of tips for improving our pictures can be gleaned from these comments and if we put them into practice maybe NNCC will take the honours at our next competition.

On Wednesday 25th October our meeting will be held in the Gresham Suite at The Feathers in Holt.  It will be a slide show of some of the Best Prints from a PAGB Exhibition.   (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain - so it ought to be good!)  On November 8th we are back in the Holt Community Centre for a practical 'hands-on' evening presented by our own members which will hopefully open our eyes to various home grown effects and demonstrate how studio-produced work can add another dimension to our photography.  We have been instructed to bring our cameras so this will be one of the rare occasions that cameras actually feature in a meeting of the Camera Club!  On November 22nd we are off to The Feathers again where one of our regular judges will be using his own images to demonstrate what a judge is looking for when choosing the best pictures.  No excuse for the club not to do well after this.

Visitors are welcome to all meetings held on Wednesdays fortnightly at Holt Community Centre Lounge Room, 7 for 7.30pm start, 2. For further information ring Judy Knights on 01263 825418


My sister persuaded me to go on a battlefield tour in Holland.  This was the 'Market Garden' offensive of 1944.  By this stage of the war the allies had massive successes with the invasion of France but were stretched to their limit to advance into Germany on a broad front.  They kame up with the idea of punching a hole into Germany by laying down a 'carpet' of paratroops through Holland and over the Rhine thereby ending the war quickly.  Their objectives were to seize and hold eight bridges until ground forces could relieve them.  A bold plan.  All went well with all bridges being taken.  However, the last bridge (over the Rhine) was only held at one end.   This was lightly held by 2 Para as 1 and 3 Para were prevented from getting near the bridge by the Germans.  Other problems soon occurred.  The road for the ground forces was narrow and raised above the level of the fields below, making it ideal for defence.  One tank knocked out would hold things up for hours.  Paratroops land with little equipment and ammunition.  The last bridge became the scene of bitter fighting.  Despite them holding the bridge at Arnhem for 4 days against all odds their efforts were in vain.  Their heroic defence is the stuff of legend.   Landing on top of two German SS divisions, having radios that didn't work and being dropped eight miles away from the bridge didn't help them much.  Whilst there I saw several cemeteries with rows of gravestones as a testimony to the courage of Americans, Poles, French and British troops as well as those of the Dutch who tried to help them.   Visiting the sites and museums was a sobering experience.  For me I have some residing memories.  The Dutch are so grateful for being liberated and celebrate the events of those days every year.  Seeing the spot where the Americans crossed the Maas river to take Nijmegan bridge using canvas boats and their riflebutts as oars in daylight and under intense fire from the enemy.  They lost half their men but took the bridge.  The friendliness and gratitude of the Dutch as I looked around one museum, a young lady with her husband asked me if I was English.  When I confirmed that I was she took my hand and said, "Thankyou".  It took me a while to understand why.there are bikes, bikes, bikes.  The inventive use of bikes to transport families was amazing, as well as the respect cars have to show them.  A wonderful visit.  If you want details of the company we used please contact me at or phone 01263 822749.


The North Norfolk Chess Association's league programme got underway for the new season recently, with competition across 3 divisions.  Based in Sheringham, at the Dunstable Arms on Friday evenings, the North Norfolk Chess Club has 3 teams entered for this challenge...the 'Seals', the 'Shrimps' and the 'Crabs'.  In their first matches only the 'Crabs' did not win, and this, overall, is an encouraging start for the club as a whole, with Scott Jermy, Peter Hodkinson, John Jones and David Longden gaining personal victories.  With many matches ahead, there are opportunities for any new players who might like to come along to the Dunstable.  All standards are welcome!
David Clear

4pm - 4.30pm

under 7s to be accompanied by an adult


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