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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 69 - Friday 24th November 2006


Where is this houseOne of our reader's, Terri Collins brought these photographs into the office. The one on the left is a complete mystery to how it came into her possession and doesn't know where it is.  DO YOU?

On the right is Hilbre School, which we believe to be sometime after 1945.   If anyone can remember it then, we would love to hear from you.  We believe that in the 1920s it belonged to a Mr Simpson, who died in 1930.  It was on the market for some time, Sir Henry Upcher kept it in good order, keeping the gardeners employed.
Hilbre, sheringhamCol Atkinson bought and owned it during WWII and on his return he went to Kent.  Again, we believe that a Brigadier Cubitt Smith bought it after the war.   You can just make out the old summerhouse in this photograph and there are several Nissan huts.  Does anyone have any idea what the huts were used for?  Were they for troops, accommodation or animals?  Could this have been taken when the fields were used to keep donkys?  Any details you have would be gratefully received here at the paper.


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